1 Element You Need on Your Blog

As I release my new eBook I wanted to share 1 thing you absolutely, positively need on your blog.

Like a ding bat, I refused to place this element on my blog for many years. You had to know by now I struggled like a slimy fish flip flopping on the sidewalk because I made this mistake.

What’s da thing?

An opt in form.

Opt In Forms and Pro Blogging

I stubbornly ignored adding this communication channel for eons. Because I figured most readers found me through Twitter, Facebook, G Plus and Triberr among other sites. But in so doing I ignored a basic marketing stream that offers readers a convenient, easy way to read your blog posts.

Readers will check their Twitter feed and Facebook feed and may even see your update in Feedly but adding an opt in form to your blog just gives folks another easy channel through which they can read your posts.

The Mistake

Assuming people will read your blog through only a few channels.

The solution: building an email list.

Your blog needs an opt in form.

Check mine out:

This is simple, clean and direct.

I email my subscribers a free Blogging From Paradise eBook every Friday. Sign up if you need help with your blog.

I included an image I snapped of Blogging From Paradise paperbacks in Jimbaran, Bali. Readers can easily see what they are getting when they sign up. Branded image too. All BFP all the time.

So folks can join my email list freely and easily. Meaning when I publish new updates, I send out posts through email in addition to the high volume of channels where I already share my blog posts. Max traffic. Max profits. Max value shared. Max friendships built. Win-Win for everybody involved.

Chilling in Qatar Today

My wife Kelli and I are in Doha, Qatar today.

We’re spending the month in the wealthiest country on earth.

Since Qatar is a Muslim country we need to cover our shoulders, stomach and knees to respect the local culture. Meaning I packed a collection of sweat pants and shorts which cover my knees. Kelli also bought proper attire to fit in.

We *needed* to do certain things fully enjoy this experience without causing any problems here and you will need to do certain things on your blog to enjoy your blogging experience and to be successful online. This is why I wrote the eBook and it’s also why I am stressing this point.

You cannot leave elements off of your blog and expect to see success. Ain’t gonna happen. Unless you get fully clear on your direction you will struggle if you avoid adding fundamental elements to your blog.  Just like, unless we were fully clear on wearing tank tops and short shorts we would run into issues here in Doha, Qatar.

Your Turn

Are you building a list through your blog?

Or do you need to add an opt in form to your blog?

Blogging Help

If you are unclear on how to build a successful blog my audio course can give you clarity and confidence.


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