4 Blog Commenting Ninjas

Commenting ninjas.

Rahul mentioned the phrase above.

I had to use it for this post title (thanks dude).

Skilled, masterful dynamos that leave helpful, impressive, bond-building comments on popular blogs.

Seeing these artisans at work gives you a better idea of how and why you should comment on blogs.

These guys are heart-centered, kind bloggers who help, assist, inspire and bond through that magical place called a blog commenting field.

I have delved into why blog commenting rocks. Now you can see a few of the web’s most impressive ninjas at work, commenting with the sharpness of a throwing star and hitting the commenting mark with the accuracy of a crossbow.

Before I fun out of ninja weapon analogies let’s meet these pros.

1: Rahul Kuntala

Rahul is the creator of Learn Blog Tips.

He is a generous blog commenting ninja who knows his stuff in the blog building niche.

Rahul is quick to feature other bloggers through his posts, planting loving seeds which benefit all.

If you want to start a WordPress blog that makes money check out his post:

How to Start a WordPress Blog that Makes Money

2: Donna Merrill

Donna is the creator of Donna Merrill Tribe.

She is one of the more established blog commentors out there, dropping wisdom whenever she publishes her creations in comment fields.

Donna’s comments are authentic and at the same, super helpful. She walks her talk then talks about her walk, through her comments and blog, helping readers grow their online business.

3: Mark Newsome

Mark runs You Can Market Online Now.

I dig his comments because he adds humor, levity and uber positive energy to the creations. A Plus stuff if you want to feast off of his love and kindness through your local comments field.

Mark can help you market your business online with practical, real world, insightful tips.

4: Amar Kumar

Amar is the brains behind Temok Dot Com.

He crafts thoughtful, in-depth, kind comments all over the blog-o-sphere.

Amar’s talent especial is sharing his thoughts persistently on top blogs. He is like clockwork. Heck, he IS clockwork.

He helps you on the domain and hosting side of things on his blog.

Why Comment?

I am sitting in a mansion in Dohar, Qatar for the next month. House sitting in the wealthiest nation on earth is possible because I am a professional blogger. Being a professional blogger is possible because I built a pro blogging career through blog commenting (If you need help with how to write a blog comment this eBook can be your guide).

Before you write off blog commenting observe how this simple connecting technique helped me retire to a life of island hopping.

Beginner to experienced bloggers can both see immense benefits from the simple act of sharing their thoughts in a comment. We all offer our opinion offline, for free. Why not comment online, for free, offering your opinion, making blogging buddies and building successful blogs as your friend network grows?

Online Training

If you want to learn how to build a successful blog from the inside out listen to the:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course

Your Turn

Do you follow these bloggers?

What other awesome blog commentors do you know?




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