Bring In The Experts: How Consultants And Influencers Can Build Your Blog

Running a successful blog is about more than just drawing up some posts and tossing them up on a website. To produce quality content and profit from it, you’ll need a strong premise powered by experts and influencers who can help you draw an audience for your work. In many ways, what lies behind the blog is more important than the surface presentation; at the very least, the latter relies on the former.

So who are all these experts you need to craft a perfect blog? They come from a range of areas and many specialize in topics you wouldn’t think of as being related to blogging. As your hiring and consulting budget grows, consider bringing these experts on board – you’ll be amazed by the benefits.

Core Staff

A professional blog can’t survive on a post or two a day – but how much can you write on your own? As your site grows, you’ll need to hire staff writers to help you create great content. Luckily, with the advent of tools like video interviewing, you can consult with potential writers and hire without concern for location. Then, even if your team is scattered across the country, you can easily keep in touch via email, messaging, and video conferencing as the need arises.

Remember, while distance isn’t a barrier to teamwork anymore, it can still make engaging your team more challenging. And since creating a sense of community is vital, you may find you have to invest more in HR management and resources to keep everyone working in sync. Typically, this isn’t a significant problem for small teams, but as your blog grows, you may find you need to reach out to an HR consultant to learn more about retaining your best writers.

Behind The Scenes

Much of what goes on behind the scenes of a blog involves technical skills you may not have, from tax preparation to advertising and web design. That’s okay! You can hire consultants in many fields to assist you with these tasks. After all, many of these areas don’t constitute full-time jobs, but simply temporary needs. Once your site is up and running, for example, you don’t need a staff web designer, you just need someone to run occasional tech support or do a yearly overhaul.

Similarly, most blogs don’t need a year-round tax professional on staff, but it can be tricky to manage self-employment taxes – and the paperwork for any affiliated contractors – on your own. A tax consultant or other professional can help you determine what you owe the IRS in self-employment taxes, what deductions you can claim, and sort through any other legal concerns you might have about your online work.

Outside Experts

Sometimes, you may want to present relevant content on your blog that you simply don’t have an adequate background in – and neither do any of your staff writers. Should you just do some research and try to piece something together? Should you invite in a guest blogger? What’s the best way to handle this situation?

Instead of bringing in an outsider to do independent work as a guest blogger or writing a half-formed post on your own, we recommend interviewing an expert or influencer with their own following on your blog. This can help bring new readers to your site and get you the information you need while offering an alternative format to your readers. It’s a great way to vary your content without straying from your core topics.

Consultants, experts, and independent contractors are what make a great blog tick, so expect to keep adding new ones to your team as your site grows. So often, blogging seems deceptively simple from the outside, but those of us in the field know that it takes a lot of great minds to keep a blog operating.

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