A Look at the Current Content Marketing Ecosystem in 2017

Marketers often get caught up in what their managers want from content efforts or struggle to keep up with the latest influencers and the trends they set. It’s common to ask these thought leaders what they think about the industry because they see it from a unique level. Sometimes high-level managers and influencers miss key details that are obvious to freelance creatives, the people in the trenches. In order to paint a complete picture of the state of content marketing, CopyPress interviewed people on all levels, from high-level managers to new freelancers. This revealed a few surprising trends.

One common belief among freelance creatives is that bylines have a significant impact on performance. Many managers believe that offering a byline to their freelance creatives gives these writers an opportunity to boost their portfolio and increase their exposure, which will increase the amount of time and effort they put into the content. This survey revealed, however, that attribution doesn’t necessarily correlate with better performance.

In fact, 53 percent of freelance creatives said that attribution affected their work at least moderately, while the rest said that it only affects them a little or doesn’t affect them at all. Many reported that pay rates had a higher impact on motivation than other factors like attribution, feedback, or networking opportunities.

These are just a few insights in the 2016 State of Content Marketing infographic. Keep reading for more thoughts, data, and insights into this unique industry and how it continues to evolve.

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