5 Tips for Better Blog Commenting

I have landed some fabulous clients through blog commenting.

I even spoke at NYU about blogging due to commenting.

The returns are immense if you comment to:

  • make friends
  • share value
  • have fun

Good blog commenting demands you comment predominantly to GIVE, not to GET.

All the getting like:

will flow your way if you comment to have fun and to make friends.

1: Personalize

I swear that my name is the best sounding word in my native tongue.

Ditto for any non enlightened being who associates their name with their identity.

Using first names is so easy and the impact you make can be seismic.

Simply address your fellow blogger by name.

Comment from a heart-centered space.

2: Persist

A New York Times Best Selling Author tweeted my 2 first eBooks.

1 of which is How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting, which is a helpful buy if you need help with your blog commenting campaign.

I posted comments on the author’s blog for months to pop up on his radar.

I posted comments for a few weeks on Blogging Tips before Zac asked me if I wanted to publish guest posts here.

Time spans may vary but in any case, persistence wins.

Grow on readerships. Be a constant presence. Consider commenting at least once weekly on blogs to build friendships and to become more visible to audiences.

3: Be Pleasant

Remember when your mom told you: “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

Hold that thought. Apply this adage to your blog commenting campaign.

Be polite.

Be pleasant.

Be nice.

I agree through my comments because disagreeing shows weakness. Here’s why: if you are AGAINST, you are not clearly FOR whatever you falsely claim to be for. A little bit of good nature debating is OK but if your comment becomes as contentious as a nasty, drop down, drag out political debate, you will hurt your reputation through your comment.

Always say “thank you.” Address your fellow blogger by name. Be a peach. Or a nice person.

Nice people get ahead in the blogosphere because people who show love seem to get da blogging love from other kind bloggers.

4: Provide Value

I posted this comment on ProBlogger.net:

This was not an in depth comment but I shared value in an authentic way. I shared some insights from my experience of being a full time blogger and also noted and expounded upon the post itself. I showed I read it and referenced the topic to drill home the point that I’m sharing value and I’m interested in Michelle’s take on the topic.

5: Enjoy the Commenting Ride

Commenting ceased being fun to me a while back.

I closed comments on my blog. I ceased commenting on other blogs.

If you are not having fun with anything online don’t bother doing it because blogging is an energy game.

Blogging is not about doing stuff to get stuff. Blogging is about doing things with love, for fun, and the getting part happens pretty easily when you align your energy properly.

Have fun commenting. Make friends. Share value. This fun energy will make your blog comments shine like a lighthouse in a wicked storm.

eBook Help

I wrote this eBook to help you stand out in the blog comments field:

How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments

Your Turn

How do you comment on blogs?

What tips can you add to this list?

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