1 Driving Analogy for New Bloggers to Ease Your Journey

I was 16 years old.

I just got my driver’s permit.

My mom asked me if I wanted to man the wheel.

Heck yeah!

We were cruising down a quiet side street when I changed places with my mom and sat behind the steering wheel for the first time. I felt excited. Scared. Happy. Terrified. I had no clue what to expect. I had never sat behind the wheel of an automobile – even in jest – so this new experience both thrilled and scared the bejesus out of me.

I moved the car into gear, from park to drive.

I semi-floored it, pressing down hard on the gas.

In 2 seconds I reached 30 miles per hour. Whoa! I was stunned, surprised and again, scared. So I slammed on the brakes. I mean, I REALLY slammed on the brakes. Almost gave me and my mom whiplash.

I immediately put the car in park, handed the keys to my mom and changed seats.

I had enough, for my first 10 seconds of actually driving a car.

The Second Time Around

I learned my lesson from the initial experience.

Instead of blindly trying to figure out how to drive a car on my own I asked my mom for some tips.

She gladly obliged.

This time, I put the car into the drive gear but did not touch the gas pedal at all. I allowed the car to coast at about 5 MPH down a quiet side street. I then learned the art of feather touching when gently pressing down on the gas pedal. If I barely touched it, the car slowly and gradually reached 15 MPH. I pressed a tiny bit more. The car reached 25 MPH.  Another light tap – a wee bit deeper than the prior pressure – and the car reached 35 MPH.

I spotted a stop sign ahead.

I applied the same concept to the brake pedal, starting to press on the brake softly from about 40 feet in front of to the stop sign. Gradually, gently, I pressed the brake to the floor as the car came to a full stop at the sign.

My second driving experience was a success. No wasted gas. No herky jerky motion. No neck braces needed after I commanded da whip.

The Blogging Analogy

My first driving experience mirrors the common experience of most new bloggers.

This crowd has no idea how to blog or why they want to blog other than making some money.

So they go all out, working like mad for a number of days, weeks or months. Like when I floored the car foolishly on a side street and reached 30 MPH in a few seconds.

This crowd looks for desired results, feels stunned, confused and surprised when they see nothing, says “Whoa, what the heck am I doing? Wasting my time because I’m not making money or getting traffic!”

Then they slam on the brakes. Hard. Really hard.  They either throw in the towel with blogging, quitting for weeks or months or years…..or they hand the keys of their domain to another blogger when it expires and another entrepreneur gobbles up the cyber real estate.

Like when I handed the keys to my mom, except they never get in the car again.

They quit forever because they:

  • never blogged for the fun or love of blogging
  • never learned how to blog from an experienced, pro blogger
  • flipped out after a short, wild ride, slamming on the brakes after their poorly-planned, poorly-energized approach flamed out quickly

The Second Ride (The Successful Ride)

My second, successful ride mirrors those new bloggers who create their blog intelligently.

They know why they want to blog – for fun, and, with love – and start from the proper energetic space.

Before my second ride I felt calm, confident and relaxed.

I asked my mom – an experienced driver – for advice. As smart newbie bloggers ask seasoned pros how to blog successfully.

I followed the advice, coasting, then gently tapping on the accelerator and then, the brake, well before I needed to stop.

This is similar to a newbie blogger who calmly, slowly and intelligently follows proven steps with a fun, loving, largely detached energy. You work calmly, and rest regularly, taking frequent breaks to recharge your energy.

You’ll have a successful blogging ride, gradually sharing helpful posts, promoting other bloggers, making friends, boosting your blog traffic and in time, increasing your blog income.

All because as a new blogger, you learned how to drive your blog.

Your Turn

Did you dig this analogy?

How are you driving as a new blogger? Like my first or second ride?


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