How Do You Handle Blogging Fires?

My blog is a little bit haywire right now.

Which is one of the reasons I’m writing this post.

Images down.

Stuff happens.

But I genuinely do not worry about it. Nor does an over-riding fear toss me around like a ship on a hurricane-churned sea.

Because I understand this: if you do not see the blogging fire in the first place you will BE the blogger who calmly, confidently and peacefully asks for and offers help.

Asking for Help

Enter my web developing wizard Phillip Dews.

He is my go to guy on all things development and design.

I have the attention span of a squirrel monkey on ritalin when all things technical arise.

My mind flits from branch to branch, like the same monkey before getting its morning smoke for the day, when anything appears to break on my blog.

Anyway, when I noted all images on my newly published post were broken I messaged Phill. In a jiffy, he dove in to attack the issue, he edited my support ticket sent to my awesome host, and we are well on our way to solving the issue. Which is code for, Phillip and my awesome host tech team are well on their way to solving the issue.

The old me would have ignored the issue. Out of fear. Or being a dingbat, I’d try to figure it out by myself, flopping like a slippery, slimy eel out of water.

But the new me is more filled with love, than fear. I do not see a blogging fire. I see some occurrence or circumstance or situation.  No big deal.

Then, I humbly and lovingly ask for help from an expert in the area. I reached out to Phillip and my hosting technical support team. Simple. This is called “putting your ego to the side” and gratefully asking for assistance. Because Blogging From Paradise is a team effort. Always has been. Always will be.

I take a deep breath. Relax. And allow the experts to uncover the solution.

The Next Step: Offering Help

I could be fretting over the situation. I could worry, flip out or anger over the perceived blogging fire.

But I learned a brilliant lesson a while back: when things *appear* to go haywire you ask for help, THEN, offer help.

I build my day around giving help. If something appears to go a bit batty, I ask for help in that area, let go, and move my attention and energy toward giving help.

Giving help means:

  • writing this post
  • mentioning Phillip to help give him more pub
  • creating a video post for The Huffington Post (yep; that’s the video post, folks)
  • setting up my Free eBook Friday promotion on BFP by selecting and freebee-ing one of my 126 eBooks on Amazon
  • cleaning out the litter box and doing the dishes

You may laugh at the last bullet point.

Imagine a guy with soapy, wrinkled hands and cloths pin on his nose.

Anyway, how you help offline bleeds into how you help online, because blogging is an energy game.

Instead of fearing that I was running out of traffic or list subscribers or anything, because of the broken images on my blog, I asked for help and got busy helping people and kitties.

If your energy screams love and help, your day will carry on easily, seamlessly and peacefully, no matter what happens.

If your energy screams fear, your day will be a nightmare, no matter what happens.

You choose the energy. Your decide how the day goes because you color the day with love and harmony and help, or with fear and scarcity.

Your choice.

The next time you experience a blogging fire, take a deep breath.

Ask for help. Offer help.

Preserve your peace of mind. Prosper. Leave fear behind.

Your Turn

How do you handle blogging fires?

Do you ask for and offer help?

The Resource

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