Are You a Good Blogging Student?

I am a meteorologist by schooling.

I never went the Sam Champion route. No TV time. Although I did do a behind the scenes internship at a local cable station.

I simply received my bachelors degree in Meteorology.

To be a meteorologist I spent 6 years – 2 extra years because I had to wait for courses to be offered – learning the in’s and out’s of forecasting.

I paid a tuition, forking over money to learn. I paid in spending time learning this craft.

I sat in lecture halls, learning, studying, asking questions and answering questions to understand my discipline thoroughly.

This is what students do.

Students pay to learn, in money and in time spent learning, to understand their area of study.

The Analogy

I did not decide to study meteorology by:

  • reading blog posts
  • reading free articles
  • watching YouTube videos
  • listening to podcasts

First off, the internet was not too robust as far as being a meteorological resource in the mid 90’s.

Secondly, ya gotta pay to play. Or, to earn, you must learn, and part of being a student involves spending money to receive training.

Why then do so many bloggers expect to build a professional, full time blogging career based on just consuming blog posts?

Fear clouds their minds.

The fear of spending money or in their minds, losing money. The fear of wasting money. The fear of wasting time. All are distinct fears which lead to years or decades of blogging struggle, because if you do not pay in terms of money, time and energy, you can’t play the pro blogging game.

Be a Blogging Student

Blogging students tend to become professional bloggers because these individuals spend energy and money learning their craft in a more structured setting.

The structured setting involves:

  • buying courses
  • buying eBooks
  • hiring pros for their coaching services

among other premium channels.

Complement these premium learning, structured channels with blog posts, videos and podcasts and you are on your way to paying your online tuition to become a professional blogger.

If you want to learn how to become a full time blogger who travels the world indefinitely you will download:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

Reading blog posts on the topic can help you too. But downloading a structured framework for creating this lifestyle is what a smart, focused, fun-loving, open-minded student does.

You cannot “freebie” your way to a long term, full time, professional blogging career.

Students create a stable, helpful learning environment around themselves.

If you want to build a successful blog you will download the:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course

first. That will be your preliminary step, as a smart blogging student.

You would dive into the lessons, listening to the course multiple times, taking notes and learning.

As you study from the course lessons you can supplement your learning materials with blog posts, podcasts and videos related to this topic of building a successful blog.

But trying to build a successful blog on reading blog posts alone is as bone-headed a move as trying to learn meteorology just by reading blog posts. No structure. No order. No cohesion. No blueprint.

Feast on both free and premium information. Because, it’s just money.

Be a smart blogging student.

Your Turn

How are you being a good blogging student?

Is it time for you to get more blogging help through premium channels, like a smart blogging student?

Blog Traffic Resources

If you need help with getting more blog traffic I wrote an eBook explaining how to join and prosper through a neat blogger community. I also converted the eBook to an audio book for your listening pleasure.

13 Proven Steps for Increasing Blog Traffic through Triberr (Audio Book)

13 Proven Steps for Increasing Blog Traffic through Triberr (eBook)

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