Do Your Readers Know about Your Blogging Products and Services?

That is me.

I just snapped a silly image of me. Pointing to 4 of my paperbacks on Amazon.

In the video I filmed, related to this image, I noted having:

on sites like Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

So my readers know I have these forms of help available to them.

Clear. Transparent. Simple. Powerful.


You know what they say about assuming, right?

Since this blog is G-rated I will refrain from the graphic concept behind assuming. Yes, it is potty-mouthed.

But most bloggers assume their readers know exactly what products and services you offer. So most bloggers do not regularly and explicitly share their forms of help. Aka, their products and services.

Which is why most bloggers don’t make more than $100 during their online careers. No sharing. Assuming. Because in many cases, your readers don’t know what is available until you tell them what’s available.

These guys and gals lack the clarity to share how they can help their readers through premium channels.

Their readers sense this “hiding” energy and never feel an impulse to click on your products and services page.

Because you lacked clarity. You didn’t share from a loving, fun-feeling, largely detached space so your readers picked up on your lack of clarity and didn’t connect with you through your products and services pages.

My Smiling Mug and eBooks

Look at the image above.

You can clearly see:

  • the author of this blog post
  • the author of this blog post pointing at 4 paperbacks with a “Blogging From Paradise” logo gracing the paperback cover

You understand, after seeing the image, that I have Blogging From Paradise paperbacks on Amazon.

I filmed a video noting how I self-published a ton of eBooks and audio books and paperbacks too, which I published on a different blog.

Now you are fully aware that you can get help through the eBooks and paperbacks and audio books I am offering you. Because I shared clear, graphic evidence of the eBooks and paperbacks and audio books I am offering you.

See how easy this journey becomes when you clearly share what you have to offer with your audience?

The “P” Word

Many bloggers fear to share their products and services because of the “P” word: Promote.

In many circles, promoting carries a negative connotation because most bloggers see the money attached to a product or service as being scarce, or, fleeting.

Like any fear-based belief, this is not true.

My products or services are blogging help on steroids.

Receiving this blogging help on steroids requires individuals to exchange something called “money” to receive the blogging help. It is just money. I am not asking someone to drop a colony of fire ants in their underwear while doing the tarantela on hot coals to receive my blogging help, aka, my products or services.

If an awesome but fearful individual has money fears, and maybe blocks more money than they allow in, it has nothing to do with me sharing my blogging help with them.

You never promote anything. Everything is help.

So…..offer help to your readers through your products, services and blog posts and don’t allow their money fears to get into your mind, because if you hold back your sharing, you are doing a disservice to yourself, to your readers and to all the folks online who would resonate with your products and services.

Your Turn

How freely do you share your blogging products and services?

The Course

If you need help with your blog you can listen to me gab about how to build a successful blog for 6 entertaining hours with the:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging (Plus 10 Common Blogging Questions Answered by an Island Hopping Pro Blogger)


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