1 Easy Tip to Help You Get Featured on Hundreds of Blogs

I received a Facebook message from an awesome blogger today.

He wanted to get featured on The Huffington Post.

I regularly receive similar requests.

Some bloggers see me as a door opener.

I see myself as a dude who spreads love in whatever fashion I can.

So this morning, I offered this advice to my fellow blogger:

“Help as many people as possible. Through tweeting their blog posts, through featuring them on your blog, and by sharing their posts through multiple online channels. This is the way to get featured on the Huffington Post and hundreds of other blogs.”

If you want to get, the easiest way is to give with love.

If you want to get featured, the easiest way to get featured is to give for the fun of giving.

If you want to get featured on any blog, or, on hundreds of blogs, share other blogger’s posts to help them get featured on hundreds of blogs….but do so with love, mindfully helping other bloggers on a 1-to-1 basis.

This generous, loving energy gets reflected back to you through:

  • guest post features
  • interview features
  • podcast interview features
  • influential friends
  • helpful, profitable ideas
  • blog traffic
  • money

The Big Mistake

Some bloggers see me as the key to getting featured on a top blog.

This is a mistake.

The key to getting featured on a top blog is your loving generosity. Not some human being.

You get neat stuff by giving with love. This is the easy way to get featured on hundreds of blogs.

The hard way to get featured is to form a fear-based attachment to 1 human being, or to 10 human beings, or to some well-known blog, then trying to force your success through these channels.

Your energy creates the opportunity. Or opportunities. Not a person. Not anything outside of you.

Since I get asked about how to get featured on top blogs I created a course:

How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs

I know the catchiness of the name astounds you.

But I placed a heavy emphasis on the inner world of landing features. The energy work. The very stuff most bloggers skip because they are, fearfully, looking for some one magic person or opportunity or hack to be the gatekeeper, the magic lamp, the secret key to appearing on any one – or hundreds – of blogs.

The vibing aspect of blogging is lost on many. The few who get it, get it. Or, devote most of their energies to giving with love and fun so the getting gets easier and easier.

What it Takes to Land on Hundreds of Blogs

Generosity today. Generosity tomorrow. Then the following day. Then the following day. Then the day after. Without fearfully, desperately looking at your inbox to see what you are GETTING. Without hounding any blogger, or without desperately pitching bloggers, or without chasing bloggers, asking them, how can you get something through them.

Nope. That GETTING energy ensures you appear on zero blogs. Maybe 2 or 3.

But giving with cheeriness, generously, peacefully and calmly promoting bloggers all day long through:

  • your twitter stream
  • your Facebook profile
  • your G Plus profile
  • your LinkedIn profile
  • your blog
  • any other online channels

is the way to getting featured on hundreds of blogs.

Help an increasing number of bloggers get featured on hundreds to thousands of blogs.

And you shall easily get your features on hundreds of blogs, or more.

How easy is it to hit a retweet button? To write a 2 paragraph comment on a blog post? To share another blogger’s content on Facebook?

Pretty easy, when you are not all wrapped up in just trying to get features for yourself.

Your Turn

How freely are you promoting other bloggers?

Isn’t this the easiest way to land features?

The Course

If you need help with your blog listen to the:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course (Plus a Bonus Audio Course)

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