1 Fundamental of Successful Blogging: Comment on Authority Blogs

I received a handful of requests yesterday, from:

  • being asked to hook someone up with an appearance on the Huffington Post
  • being asked if I wanted to buy and place a sponsored post on a handful of unknown blogs
  • being asked – through a generic email, where said blogger didn’t know me from Adam – if I accepted guest posts on Blogging From Paradise

These 3 specific pitches fell on deaf ears. Not because I don’t appreciate their hustle. But because each blogger approached me from a place of fear, not love, in offering me the opportunities.

Why did each blogger fail to make a strong connection with me?

They came in cold.

We had no relationship prior to the emails.


Versus being profitable emails.

Blog commenting could have opened the door for each blogger.

Imagine if I read even 1 comment from these bloggers, on my blog? A persona non grata becomes a person of interest. A blogging stranger becomes a known commodity. A cold pitch becomes a warm invite. All through the power of blog commenting.

Benefits of Commenting

Google “blogging”.

At the time of this post, Blogging Tips Dot Com ranks #4 on page 1 of Google for organic results, for the “blogging” keyword, which means all that targeted, passive traffic flowing to this blog sees your comment.

Not a bad deal. Post your opinion. For free. Expand your visibility quickly.

But that’s just 1 benefit of blog commenting.

Other sweet perks include:

  • building friendships with influential bloggers
  • improving your writing skills through practice
  • building brand visibility
  • driving targeted traffic to your blog
  • creatively expressing yourself on high profile blogs

I have been addicted to blog commenting for years.

I even wrote an eBook on the topic:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

Too many bloggers have overlooked this underutilized friendship-building approach….until now.

Bloggers like Donna Merrill, Don Purdum and Lisa Sicard have brought greater visibility to effective, heartfelt blog commenting.

With this army of heart-centered entrepreneurs spreading the word more bloggers are building their online real estate on a solid, granite-like foundation.

Tips for Smart Blog Commenting

  • use the blogger’s first name to build a stronger bond
  • post valuable, thorough, helpful comments…think 3-4 paragraphs, a mini guest post if you will
  • take time to thank your fellow blogger
  • sign off with your name
  • comment on authority, well-read blogs in your niche
  • comment persistently to grow on readerships
  • study successful blog commentors to learn from the best
  • invest in a blueprint for effective blog commenting
  • comment for fun, not for finances
  • comment with passion, not for profits
  • comment with love, not for links

Good blog commenting is about giving. Not getting.

Give your best. Comment to build bonds with influential bloggers.

Make sure to share the post you comment on through social media.

Strengthen old friendships. Establish new friendships.

Build your blog on a rock solid foundation.

Your Turn

Do you comment on popular blogs from your niche?

What tips can you add to this post?

The Course

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