1 Fundamental of Successful Blogging: Create Value

We are prepping for our upcoming trip to Qatar.

This little peninsula is the wealthiest country on earth. By far.

The GDP per capita of Qatar is currently $140,000.

The next closest country has a GDP per capita of $98,000.

That’s some serious wealth.

How has Qatar gained such massive wealth?

The country sits on one of the largest natural gas reserves on earth.

Meaning, the country offers massive value through the exporting of natural gas, which is in demand around the world.

Of course, your energy determines how much money you make through blogging but when you get your energy right – fundamentals #1 and #2 of the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging – everything else falls into place and you will offer immense value through your blog.

Offer Value

Offering blogging value means:

  • writing helpful blog posts which solve the problems of your audience
  • being generous with your time and talents
  • creating helpful online courses
  • rendering insightful premium services
  • spreading love

No numbers factor into sharing value, per se. If you saw value in this roughly 600 word post, I offered you value. It does help though to publish a minimum 500-600 word post in most cases if not a resource-style piece because if you create a thorough solution to some pressing problem, you created something valuable.

Either way though, just freaking help people.

Be Generous

Be generous with your gifts.


  • videos
  • podcasts
  • Infographics

to spread the love. Meaning, give freely to plant little value seeds all over your blogging niche. As these seeds grow you will have planted a rich, lush forest in your niche of choice. Everywhere prying eyes look, they will see your blog posts and videos and courses and……love. The love you spread generates mad value all over your niche.

People follow value-providers.

Wealth seems to follow value-providers too.

Think of any wealthy individual.

Mark Zuckerberg. The guy created monstrous value in the form of a network that is quickly connecting the world: Facebook.

Bill Gates. The guy created value in the form of a computer software empire: Microsoft.

The list goes on and on. Successful ventures rest on a granite-like foundation of value. Just like any blog.

Successful bloggers provide resources through their online real estate.

Consider Pro Blogger.

You could get lost on that site.

Is it any wonder then that the generous, copious volume of blogging value Darren and his team created has reflected back to him in the form of one of the most successful blogs on earth?

Writer’s Block?

If you seem to run into writer’s block you may feel paralyzed.

How can you create value if you can’t get any good blog post ideas?


Shift your energy from fear (aka “writer’s block”) toward having fun.

Don’t blog to get stuff. Blog to give love.

This foolproof method dissolve blocks to creativity by moving your energy vigorously. Brilliant way to become a publishing machine.

I also like meditating for 30 minutes daily, to expand my awareness and to dissolve writer’s block and other silly willy limiting beliefs.

The Resource

Build your blog on the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging.

Your Turn

How do you share value through your blog?

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