Why 8 out of 10 Bloggers Never Make More than $100 Online


Fear is the reason.

A belief in scarcity.


I read 10 questions I have been asked on Quora. 5 minutes ago. They went like:

  • how can I get my Adsense to work? (aka, how can I make pennies per ad click?)
  • how can I earn $100 through blogging? (aka, I am in Survival Mode and need $100 now)
  • is it too late to earn money through my blog, like popular blogs in my niche? (aka, I’m filled with doubt/fear about my money-making abilities)

Each question above is a good question. Each can give the questioners some clarity.

But each question drips with fear. Not a negative thing, per se, but understand this: if fear rules your decisions, you will act from the energy of scarcity/not enough. If you send off a vibe of “not enough”, you will be met with not enough:

  • money
  • traffic
  • readers
  • subscribers
  • social shares

Most bloggers make little or no money through their blogs because they do things from a place of fear, not love.

8 out of 10 bloggers never make more than $100 through their blog because blogging is an energy game, and 8 of 10 bloggers regularly ask questions like the three I posed above, meaning they are coming from an energy of fear, not love.

If you doubt you will make money through blogging, your FEAR will cause you to:

  • compare yourself to other bloggers (bad mistake because we are all unique)
  • ask for permission to make money (see question above)
  • ask others for what only you can know and believe (see question above, you choose whether you make money or not)

If you are trying to just make $100 through blogging, you are picking an outcome (money, traffic, social shares, any vanity metric) to motivate you, which is a fear-based tactic leading to prolonged blogging failure or at best, muted success accompanied by a crippling fear that you will lose everything.

The Alternative to Fear-Based/Failing Blogging

Do things from a place of love.

  • blog for fun
  • blog for the joy of blogging
  • blog for the love of blogging
  • blog with love
  • blog your passion
  • what can you talk about all day long? blog about it
  • promote other bloggers freely through your blog and social media
  • see all outcomes as icing on the cake, or extra, because when you blog for fun the work/fun is the reward, and all else is extra (money, traffic, social shares, popularity are just bonuses)

If you want to make more than $100 through your blog move your energy from fear to love.

Do this by being honest about your fear-driven blogging actions, like:

  • a belief in the idea of competition
  • a belief in scarcity
  • heavy attachment to blogging outcomes
  • blogging to receive the approval of others
  • blogging to be popular
  • blogging to get money
  • working long and hard because you believe the number of your actions, and not your energy, dictates your success

Face these fears. Feel these fears. However unpleasant, they may be. Eat a poop sandwich for a few moments.

Clearing out these fears inspires you to:

  • do things from the energy of love, blogging-wise and life-wise
  • become brilliantly prolific and stupid creative
  • blog for fun
  • follow your unfailing intuition
  • make more money, because you could largely care less about making money
  • find that extra gear that fear-driven/fear-energy bloggers can’t seem to find

I still cling to blogging fears here and there. But I largely do blogging things for fun, and with love.

Check out the 90 plus posts I’ve published on Blogging Tips:

Ryan Biddulph Blogging Tips Posts

Toss in the hundreds of other posts I’ve published between Blogging From Paradise, The Huffington Post and various other blogs and you see firsthand how easily creative ideas flow to and through you when you blog mainly from a place of love and fun, versus from a place of fear.

Your Turn

Are you mainly blogging from a place of love or fear?


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