How to Appear on Top Blogs Regularly

3 consecutive emails I answered today were feature emails.

1 individual published my guest post.

1 individual pointed me in the direction of 3 expert round ups where I was featured.

1 individual alerted me of another round up where I had been featured.

Toss in 2 more queries via Twitter and email and I landed a whole slew of features on rocking blogs today.

I stopped counting my features at about 200 blogs (here are a few). But a quick guestimate easily puts me at 300 plus blogs, where I’ve been featured, if I’m being conservative.

This from a guy who seemed to be a blogging leper back in the day, scaring off virtually all feature opportunities as tumbleweeds rolled through my old blog whenever I published a post. I almost felt like the Sandman from Showtime at the Apollo was sweeping me off the stage whenever I even thought of trying to pitch a top blogger, or any blogger, at that.

Eventually I cracked the code, created an online course and want to give you tips on how to get on top blogs, regularly.

How can you appear on top blogs like clockwork?

1: Be Available

It’s strange. But before I included a simple and clear contact link on my home blog page I received half the interview requests I receive today. I wasn’t super accessible earlier in my blogging career. Lesson learned.

I respond to emails once a day. I built a clear, easy to navigate about me page. I responded to emails in a timely fashion.

Those top blog features came rolling in like the tide.

Be available. Be easy to reach. Give big dawg bloggers the ability to easily and conveniently reach out to you.

2: Write in Your Voice

Write 500 words or more daily. For practice.

Find your writing voice. Or allow your writing voice to arise.

Standing out from the blogging crowd helped me appear on some heady blogs like Virgin, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

I stood out by writing in my one of a kind voice. And we all have a one of a kind voice. If we write with passion, for fun, regularly.

3: Invest in a Course

After landing some sweet features I wanted to help you appear on world famous blogs.

I created How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs to give you a clear, simple manual to appear on top blogs regularly.

Courses offer you a soup to nuts, fundamental solution in a sometimes chaotic, confusing blogging world.

4: Comment on Top Blogs

Comment on top blogs.

Write 3 to 4 paragraph, helpful masterpieces.

Blog commenting opened me up to more top blog features than you’d ever believe.

Be generous. Be personal. Be polite. Be persistent.

5: Do Not Pitch

I know this one may throw you for a loop but refrain from pitching top bloggers to land features on the regular.

If you’re busy being the hunter you have little time to be the hunted.

If you’re spending most of your energy pitching bloggers you will have little energy to create stellar content and connect with top bloggers to attract big dawg bloggers to you.

I have pitched 2 bloggers to land features and have appeared on 300 plus blogs during my blogging career.

Give virtually all of your energy to having fun, creating content and making friends and you will need a spiked baseball bat to keep bloggers and their feature invitations off of you.

Your Turn

How do you appear on top blogs regularly?

Are you being featured, interviewed or writing guest posts on well known blogs?


Here’s the aforementioned course, available for you on Teachable.

If you need help understanding specifically what it takes to persistently appear on top blogs follow this tutorial:

How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs


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