1 Fundamental of Successful Blogging: Know Why and Make it Freeing

At 9:57 PM, late on a Sunday night, I’m sitting down to write and publish my 2nd post on Blogging Tips today.

I already published posts on Blogging From Paradise and the Huffington Post today.


I know why.

And it’s a darn freeing reason why.

Which brings us to the 2nd fundamental of successful blogging: know why and make it freeing.

The Second Fundamental: Know Why and Make it Freeing

Before you build a successful blog you need to know why you want to build a successful blog.

The reason moves you into successful action. Or inaction. Or, moves you into failing action. Or failing inaction.

Example: late on a Sunday night I could mail it in. Or I could do what I love for an extra 30 minutes today, because doing so feels freeing to me.

I blog for fun. I blog for the love of blogging. So I do what I love – blogging – for an extra 30 minutes. This is not hard work. This is not even a labor of any kind. Blogging is fun. I know why I’m blogging: to have fun. So I write. And at the end of today, I’ll have 4 more pieces of helpful, beneficial content out there in the blogosphere.

Having fun feels freeing to me. Blogging from a place of love feels freeing to me. So I do the things that feel fun and freeing, even if said things feel kinda uncomfortable to do at times.

That’s the difference maker: choosing to do freeing things because you know why you are doing freeing things.

The struggling blogger avoids doing freeing things at all costs. Failing bloggers bind themselves through their action or inaction. Either way, they’re going to fail because all blogging success flows to you outside of your comfort zone and the only way to break the chains of your comfort zone is to do freeing things, and the only way you’ll do fun, freeing things is if you know why you want to do fun, freeing things.

Recent Development

2 days ago my wife Kelli and I booked a trip to an outrageously epic country. I have seen a fair deal of the world, and some amazing tropics, but this place is both a change up and quite possibly the most dazzling, jaw-dropping country on earth when it comes to 1 specific quality.

We live a fun, freeing life, traveling the world through blogging, because we do fun, freeing things, even if doing those things feels uncomfortable at times.

This is how you build a rocking blog. You do fun, freeing things, because you have a pulsating, overpowering reason why you do these things.

Look at a guy like Will Hatton, The Broke Backpacker. He has built an outrageously cool brand and life by doing fun and sometimes highly uncomfortable but freeing things, offline, and online too, I am sure.

Look at the Marvel Daredevil himself, Maxwell Ivey of The Blind Blogger. I just met Max during his recent trip to New York City. He is a master of doing freeing, sometimes highly uncomfortable things, because he’s built a rocking blog and even traveled halfway across the country despite being fully blind.

These blogging dynamos are fabulous examples of inspired people who know why, and make their reason why freeing.

I had fun creating my 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course but was nervous as hell, too. But I knew why I wanted to create my first course. I wanted to free myself of product creation induced fears, I wanted to free myself of self-imposed mental blocks and I wanted to free myself from depending on only a small handful of blogging income streams. So I created the course.

4 online courses later I am still going strong.

The Full Course

This fundamental of Knowing Why and Making it Freeing is the 2nd fundamental of my series.

If you need help with your blog you can listen to each of the 11 fundamentals here:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

Your Turn

Why are you blogging?

Is the reason super freeing?

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