5 Tips for Handling Flagging Blogging Profits

I have seen boom times.

I have seen lean times.

I have seen in between times.

I have become a professional, full time blogger by learning how to handle flagging blogging profits.

Instead of making a knee jerk reaction when you feel that brick hit the pit of your stomach – after seeing a big drop in blogging income – follow these 5 tips to right your profit ship.

1: Embrace the Truth

Blogging profits are of the mind. Really. If you appear to see a drop in profits the problem lies within. The problem roots itself not so much in a money mental block, but in the fact that you are doing things predominantly from a place of fear versus from a place of love, blogging-wise.

This fearful vibe aligns you with poor results. Almost like you can’t let it money because you scare it off.

Stop trying to outwork your fears. Ain’t gonna happen.

Face, embrace and release your fears around money. Feel your belief in scarcity.

This process is not too much fun for a few moments but once you rid yourself – largely – of the terror of losing it all you will take loving, prospering, profitable actions leading to an immediate and long term profit boost.

2: Promote Less…..or More

Every case is different.

Bloggers make millions promoting their opportunities aggressively. Like John Chow.

Bloggers grow 2 million reader communities promoting their opportunities sparingly. Look at Leo Babauta.

I needed less salt sometimes. Just a pinch. I needed more salt sometimes. Like half the shaker.

Sometimes I boosted my blogging income by promoting my income streams less and sometimes I marketed my income streams more to increase my profits.

Listen to your intuition after following tip #2. It will guide you. So will this eBook (promoting/sharing more these days, not because of any flagging income though 😉 : How to Develop Blogging Posture.

3: Party on Social Media

If you see a profit drop you forgot what it feels like to party.

Most foolish bloggers do the exact opposite thing; after seeing flagging income, they work harder. But force negates. Tension repels money. Fear scares off chedda.

Power attracts. Love lets in money. Having fun boosts your finances.

Less links. More life stories. On your social media profiles.

Relax. Chill max.

For every 1 minute you spend on your profile wall spend 20 minutes on other people’s profile walls.  Sift through your main stream. Laid back bloggers are detached bloggers. This is the specific energy you want to cultivate to increase blogging cash flow through social media.

Playful energy = profit machine.

Seems counter intuitive but I know from personal experience this approach works darn well.

Pull back. Have fun. Profit.

4: Add More Income Streams

My blogging income streams:

  • freelance writing/paid guest posting
  • sponsored posts
  • selling online courses (3)
  • selling eBooks on Amazon
  • selling eBooks on Selz
  • selling audio books on Amazon, iTunes and Audible
  • blog coaching
  • affiliate marketing
  • paid tweets
  • various other income streams

That’s 10 income streams.

I am always in the market to add income streams too.

Give your profits an injection. Add an income stream. Not from a place of desperation. But from a place of inspiration

In my case I could always add courses through different digital storefronts – technically, new income streams since royalty payments would flow through different channels – or I could dive into different consulting work or I could monetize through advertising revenue among other streams.

5: Embrace the Even Crazier Truth

Your blogging income drop is just an appearance. An illusion

The REAL truth is love. The REAL truth is abundance. No shortage exists.  Really.

But when fear creeps into your mind you buy into illusions. Like perceived income drops.

Don’t work harder. The illusion will persist. Don’t work smarter. The illusion will persist.

Blog for fun. Blog with love. Your prolific nature and large friend network – both sprouting out of your energy, which becomes generous – rends the veil of illusion so you will remain calm, peaceful and poised when the income illusion *appears* to drop.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?


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