1 Fundamental of Successful Blogging: Breathe Deeply and Relax

Fijian cat I photographed in Savusavu. These guys slept up to 21 hours a day. Meaning they had fundamental 1 mastered.

One of the weirdest things about blogging is that to succeed in blogging you want to do stuff that appears to have nothing to do with blogging.

Rewind for a second.

Think this through.

All the traffic and profits and Google rank and fame and glory and minstrels singing ballads of your astounding feats begins when you are sitting in a quiet room. Relaxing. Away from the laptop. Not list building. Not creating. Not connecting. Not pushing. Not straining. Not striving.

You *will* move into prospering blogging actions after spending time in quiet. No diggity doubt. But this is after you do the inner world stuff, the energy work, the vibe adjusting. the inner work, to move into successful actions, which then bring successful results.

Why Do 81% of Bloggers Never Make More than $100 Online?

Because they don’t do the inner work. The energy work. Their energy screams “Goodness I am broke! I am a failure!”, and naturally, it is so. No matter what they do, they are BEING broke, failed bloggers, so they fail. They blog outside-in, basing their entire blogging campaign on a results-driven, faulty approach, so even if they have some success everything will be a struggle.

Most bloggers struggle because their blogging campaigns are built on a foundation of quicksand, energetically. Everything falls apart because your energy is aligned with failure. Everything is hurried, rushed, tense and frantic, a sprint through the day, so your results will match the same energy you’re vibing at. And those results suck. Take it from a guy who’s been there.

Every result you see now is based on how you are being (Be, THEN, do). Not based on what you are doing.

Which is why I created the 11 fundamentals of successful blogging.

This is a “being based” approach to blogging. An inside-out approach. In truth, it’s the quicker way to blogging success. The faster way. The clearer, simpler way. Because even though I share practical blogging tips through other fundamentals I delve heavily into the energy-being aspect of blogging that shapes your blogging destiny through a healthy chunk of the teachings.

The First Fundamental: Breathe Deeply and Relax

Every one of your blogging struggles is fear-based. You are afraid of something. Running out of traffic. Running out of profits. Running out of subscribers, or product sales, or fearing you’ll see zero growth with your blog, or fearing you will lose subscribers.

In this fear-based state your breathing is rapid and shallow. Fight or flight syndrome.

You are a tense bundle of worry. The farthest thing from being relaxed. Like a 400 pound rubber band ball.

Breathing deeply and relaxing your body, right now (go ahead, do it):

  • slows down your breathing
  • removes all bodily tension instantly
  • removes all mental tension
  • makes you more prolific (no writer’s block when you feel relaxed)
  • helps you blog from a more detached, fearless space
  • helps you think clearly
  • makes you more attractive to successful bloggers
  • helps you identify the silly, failure-ridden stuff you’re doing
  • points you in the direction of successful, profitable blogging ideas

Breathe deeply. Relax. Right now.

Relax your shoulders. Relax your back.

Breathe deeply and relax. Again.

All of your infinite blogging power rests in the moment. Breathing deeply and relaxing brings you back to the moment.

Breathing deeply and relaxing moves you from an energy of fear and scarcity to an energy of fun and love.

Which is why this is the first fundamental of successful blogging. The table setter.

Some Tips on this Fundamental

  • it takes practice to habitually to breathe slowly and relax; keep at it
  • be gentle with yourself as you transition from panicked to peaceful blogger
  • hearing my voice speak the words of peace and relaxation can help overcome your worry and anxiety, because we tend to surrender what we fear to what we hear
  • you literally CANNOT breathe deeply and relax enough thru the day….turn yourself into a pile of blogging Jell-o, by all means

The Full Course

I created an in-depth audio course to help you build a successful blog from the inside out.

If you want blogging help in a convenient, simple format you can find the fundamentals here:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

Your Turn

Are you breathing deeply now? Feeling relaxed?

Or are you breathing as quickly as a racehorse on PEDs? Wound tight like a ball of rubber bands?

Let me know in the comments section.

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