Where Your Blogging Success Sits

You can read every post on Blogging Tips.

You can scan helpful posts on Pro Blogger.

You can buy all of my 124 eBooks on Amazon.

You can purchase blogging courses. Sign up for email lists. Join groups. Hang on forums.

But no matter what you do, it is what you are BEING that determines your blogging success.

Not what you do.

Not what you plan to do.

BEING the successful person helps you BECOME the successful person.

All of your success, blogging-wise, sits in BEING a successful blogger.

What Does Being a Successful Blogger Mean?

Being a success means aligning your energy before doing anything.

When you “be”successful, you can then do successful things. 2 steps.

Being a successful blogger means:

  • doing blogging stuff for love
  • doing blogging stuff for fun
  • doing freeing blogging stuff
  • doing uncomfortable blogging stuff

and, being a success also means doing all these things before you see the appearances of success. That’s the trick. That can be uncomfortable. That is where most bloggers mess up; they are not BEING a successful blogger because they stop DOING successful blogger activities when it looks like what they’re doing is not working.

All your blogging success lies in your fun-loving, freeing, sometimes, super uncomfortable zone. That’s where magic happens. Where breakthroughs happen. Where sweetness happens.

My Story

Yesterday in New York City I met with an angel investor and founder of a well known email marketing company called SendPulse. We had a fabulous chat about ways and means to spread their word, to give them exposure.

This is being a successful blogger.

I did not think “What’s in it for me?” (scarcity mindset, fear of losing money/time/etc) or charge consultant rates before our sit down.

We just had a fun time chatting, brainstorming and tossing ideas out there.

Naturally, since I am BEING a successful blogger – energy-wise – I am attracting influential individuals like angel investors and company founders. My energy, not my doings, set this up. And yep; even though I had fun sitting down with a founder/big dawg I also felt kinda uncomfortable in that setting too. I’m used to blogging from the tropics. Not sitting in trendy, inspired, Facebook/Google like offices in New York City.

All the Traffic and Profits You Want…..

….materialize when you largely stop wanting traffic and profits and just focus on creating for the fun and love of creating, and when you connect with rocking bloggers not to get, but to give/show love.

I offered up tons of free information yesterday with love. That is called “being a successful blogger.”

If I avoided the meeting because it felt uncomfortable, that would have been called “being a failing blogger.” Or if I was stingy with my knowledge it would have been called “being a failing blogger.”

When you do things with love, for fun, predominantly NOT wanting traffic or profits or some individual gain, and when you set up income streams through creating products or services (without being heavily attached to outcomes), you:

  • get traffic
  • make money
  • befriend power brokers
  • get profitable ideas
  • become prolific
  • think of new ways to serve people
  • become magnetic to success
  • do freeing things even if said things feel uncomfortable to do

The Delicious Truth

The more you fall in love with doing things for fun the more easily you do uncomfortable things because you are BEING a successful blogger, a blogger who naturally sees increasing success.

But at that point, being that gal or guy, you don’t even care about success much. You just care about loving what you do, and doing it for fun.

Your Turn

How much stuff are you doing for fun and love, blogging-wise?

Are you being a successful blogger?

How freely do you dive into your uncomfortable zone?

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