5 Ways to Impress Influential Bloggers

Before you trip over yourself trying to pitch top bloggers it helps to know what works and what doesn’t.

Being on both sides of the fence – reaching out to big dawg bloggers and being pitched myself – I have spotted how to resonate strongly with influencers. And how to cheese people off.

Follow these 5 tips to woo successful bloggers.

1: Comment on their Blog Posts

Commenting on Blogging Tips Dot Com helped open the door for me to guest post on Blogging Tips Dot Com. Zac said so.

Seriously, I posted a few comments on this respected blogging website, improved my writing skills and laid the framework for a sweet guest posting gig.

Comment on top blogs related to your niche. Write 3-4 paragraph comments. Use names. Thank bloggers for their time.

If you need a commenting guide check out my in depth blog commenting eBook.

2: Feature Top Bloggers

Feature top bloggers on your blog through:

  1. podcast interviews
  2. text interviews
  3. mini features/snippet mentions

to impress the pantalones off of big dawg bloggers.

Give influencers some shine. You betcha those influencers will give ya some shine in return. Or at the very least you’ll build friendships that lead to prospering opportunities down the road. Or your generous act will align you with blogging success in some way, shape or form.

3: Tweet or Facebook Share or Google Plus Share Big Dawg Bloggers

Promote other bloggers to impress other bloggers.

Think of it this way: promoting other bloggers is the same exact way many top bloggers became wildly successful. The big dawgs literally see themselves in you and form a deeper connection with generous promoters.

Go wild on POB; promoting other bloggers. No limit to how freely you can market the influencers of your niche. Spread thy love and thy love shall flow your way in the form of blogging sweetness.

4: Email (the Secret Weapon)

Until they start getting 100 plus emails daily most top bloggers read all emails. Some respond to every one. Or hire an assistant to respond to every one.

This means that you can form a strong bond with influential bloggers through email.

Email top bloggers. Ask how you can help them. Ask if you can share something specific on social, or if you can promote a new product, or if you can post a review on Amazon or iTunes for a Kindle or podcast. Be helpful. Be kind. Show love. Look for nothing in return. Be a friend. Or form a friendship.

Easy peasy way to make a serious impact on rocking bloggers.

5: Sit Down in Person

I met with Zac Johnson in person when I was back home in my native New Jersey.

Just today, I met with SendPulse founder and angel investor Eugene Medvednikov at his offices in New York City.

When you take the time to meet and greet and connect with influential folks from any niche you, in person, form a deeper, stronger connection with these awesome folks.

Get yourself to live events. Meet bloggers who live in your area. Spend the time and energy to make friends with the big dawgs in your niche. These mutually beneficial connections help both parties in a wonderful way.

Your Turn

How do you impress successful bloggers?


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