How to Get Noticed as a Top Ranked Person on Twitter for Blogging

Darren Rowse and Blogging Tips, I smile at you with love.

Because before today, every day I ran a “blogging” search on Twitter my name popped up as the #1 search result.

For months.

Heck, for years.

On January 3rd, 2017 I decided to finally write a post on said topic.

On January 2nd, 2017, I ran the search and saw my name come up as the #1 search result.

But today, on the 3rd, Darren Rowse and Blogging Tips come up as #1 and #2.

Of course, I pop up as #3 on a “people” search for blogging.

I laugh out loud and realize I need not show actual proof of being ranked #1 on Twitter blogging searches for what seemed to be a period of time longer than Larry King’s life.

You guys trust me.

Anyway, whether I’m ranked #1 this split second or not I got an idea or 2 of how you can be a known blogging commodity on Twitter.

1: Have Fun Blogging

I blog for fun. Mainly. Meaning, I do not blog to try to rank on Twitter, or to get blog traffic, or to get that sweet chedda.

This fun, loving energy detaches you – largely – from outcomes, which helps you do the things below to gain that sweet rank.

See Twitter as a party. Have fun with it.

This playful energy makes you magnetic to success.

2: Make a Ton of Friends

I follow a slew of folks daily and engage regularly (see tip #3) on the network.

This makes me a connected tweeter.

Connected tweeters get noticed.

Make a ton of friends both on Twitter and in your blogging niche.

When fellow tweeters and bloggers retweet your blogging-themed content frequently those Twitter algorithms just gotta take notice, kinda like if I walked through Midtown Manhattan wearing nothing but baby diapers, waving a princess wand.

3: Engage Regularly

I chat for 30 to 60 minutes daily on Twitter.

Engaging shows you are a live body. Not asleep at the wheel.

If Twitter marks you as a blogging big dawg they want to know you have a pulse.

Respond to your retweeters for 10 to 20 minutes daily.

RT other folks.

Be a live blogging body.

4: Automate Updates to Your Blog

Use a plug in to tweet blog posts – from your blog – automatically.

Being seen as a rich blogging resource gives Twitter a fair idea that yep, you are a blogging person tweeters need to know.

I use Revive Old Post, formerly known as Tweet Old Post. Just look that bad boy up in your WordPress backoffice and schedule updates from 30 minutes to 2 hours or so.

5: Promote Other Bloggers Freely

Join sites like:

and promote other bloggers freely.

Doing so keeps your Twitter stream humming with helpful, timely, fresh blogging content.

6: SEO/Targeting Stuff

Include the “blogging” keyword in your Twitter bio.

Tweet blogging-themed content regularly, both through your blog and through other blogs.

I actually tweet plenty of travel blogging content too but send out a healthy volume of blogging-tips-themed tweets.

Your Turn

How have you become a known blogging commodity on Twitter?

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