AdClerks Banner Ad Network to Increase Your Revenue Earnings

The fundamental challenge of the Internet publishing industry is actually quite simple. Advertisers want to target the right audience with the right product or service, but they’re not entirely sure how to reach these users. Publishers want to monetize their websites, but they’re not entirely sure how to attract the right advertisers.

Joining this great divide is AdClerks, an ad marketplace that connects advertisers with publishers of approved websites for mutual benefit.

A Better Ad Marketplace

When you look at the majority of advertising on the Internet, you’ll find that it typically breaks down into one of two systems: either the publisher picks a specific offer from an advertiser to promote (as is oftentimes the case with affiliate marketing) or there is some sort of intelligent algorithm involved that automatically pairs advertisers with publishers. AdClerks is different.

Rather than offer a marketplace where publishers seek out advertisers who have pre-defined their rates, the relationship is completely turned on its head. The publishers instead populate the marketplace and it is the advertisers who can then choose where they want to spend their marketing budget. They can see exactly where these ads will be placed and make their educated decisions accordingly.

AdClerks operates with banner ads, both with a range of traditional banner sizes and with the opportunity to define custom banner spaces too.

Making Money as a Publisher

From the perspective of a publisher or site owner, all you have to do is define the space on your site where you want to offer advertising, pasting in the corresponding asynchronous ad code.

You have several options here to consider as you put together your ad listing. First, you can decide whether you want to offer the banner space at a flat monthly rate or on a CPM basis. In either case, you set your own rate, bearing in mind that you want to be competitive and attractive. Second, you can also decide whether you want that space to be exclusive to one advertiser or to offer it in rotation to multiple advertisers. Of course, you’d need to price yourself accordingly.

After that, it’s all set on autopilot and you just have to wait for an advertiser to buy into your space(s). AdClerks will automatically populate the banner space as advertisers pay for it.

Monetize Unsold Ad Impressions

While you’re waiting for your ad zone to be purchased, you can opt-in for OneClerk, which is a new CPM ad network exclusive to AdClerks users which monetizes your existing ad zones with just one click. Once activated, OneClerk instantly and automatically monetizes any unsold ad space while still making them available to purchase on AdClerks. All you need is a 300×250 or a 728×90 ad zone for sale to start making money with OneClerk ads.

It is important to note that AdClerks can be stringent with approving websites. Barring any possible exceptions, your site should be getting at least 100,000 impressions a month, it must be in English, and it must have its own domain. In exchange for managing the relationship and providing detailed analytics, AdClerks takes a 15-25% commission on all ads sold.

Effective Promotion as an Advertiser

So, this platform is really effective, convenient and potentially lucrative for publishers. What does this mean from the advertiser’s point of view? It means that you have much greater control over the kind of audience you want to reach, how much you want to pay, and where you want your ads to appear.

If you look at some of the more traditional advertising networks for banner space, you can typically only bid on keywords and select the banner size of your choosing. You don’t typically get to pick where you want the banner to appear on the site or the exact sites where you want it to appear.

This is why AdClerks can also be very attractive for advertisers. As mentioned, AdClerks approves websites individually, requiring a minimum 100,000 monthly page view count and a certain quality standard, so you can be sure that your ads are appearing on legitimate sites in front of real people. The pricing is kept simple with no additional fees or surprise charges. What you see is what you pay.

You can get your campaign up and running in as little as 60 seconds. Simply shop through the ad marketplace to find the website where you would like your ad to appear. You get detailed specs about the site, including estimated monthly impressions, Alexa rank, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, banner size, spots available, and so on.

To find the site that is best suited for your audience, you can filter the results based on the category or vertical, as well as the ad size, the price, the pricing scheme (CPM or monthly), and the number of monthly impressions. You can then sort based on click-thru rate, impressions, newest or price. It’s really convenient and the ad listings are really comprehensive, including a screenshot.

More Advertising Options

But what if you want to advertise across multiple websites within the same core niche or area of interest? You could cherry pick the websites yourself or you could look into one of the ad bundles offered by AdClerks too.

For instance, as of this writing, the Current Events bundle consists of nine placements across nine top websites with a total of over 200,000 monthly impressions for a total monthly cost of approximately $334.00. If you have a product, service or website to promote that would be of interest to people who follow current events and news, this bundle could be perfect for your target audience. And if you don’t like any of the sites in the bundle for whatever reason, you can remove them from the list.

Some of the other bundle options include affiliate & marketing, art & design, education & students, entertainment, gaming, web design, music & teens, and more. Bundles range considerably in price and consist of pre-selected, niche relevant advertising campaigns.

A Win-Win Solution All Around

As an online advertiser, you might find that it is getting increasingly difficult to get the best ROI on your campaigns. You might also find it difficult to reach just the right audience without blowing your budget. As a publisher, you might be having a hard time landing private advertising deals on your own and typical network earnings aren’t what you’d hope they would be. This self-serve advertising platform really can deliver for both parties.

Whether you’re interested in buying ads as an advertiser or selling ad space as a publisher, create an account with AdClerks today to get started. It’s fast and easy, and you are always in control.

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