Blog Promotion Strategy To Ensure Your Next Post Explodes

Today I want to share with you the blog promotion strategy I use that will ensure your next post lands with a bang.

When I first started blogging I used to believe if I write then people will come. I mean I am that great, aren’t I?


No matter how epic your content is your blog traffic will never grow. You need to actively get off your butt and bring people straight to it.

Let me get straight into the blog promotion tactic that you can apply to your next post for maximum impact.

Blog Promotion Strategy To Ensure Your Next Post Explodes

Create Content That Is Programmed To Bring Traffic

Am I contradicting myself here?


Just because you have no visitors to your site at the moment doesn’t mean you never will. You still need to focus on creating content that is designed to bring bucketloads of traffic your way.

I know you have been told to always write for your audience and I totally agree, these are your end user. However, there are other people you should write for too…

The people that will share and link to your content.

Let’s face it you have no audience, so writing for the people who can send you an audience is much more valuable.

The next part of the content formula is to ensure your article is about a topic that has been a success in the past.

Your article will never be 100% unique so do not be afraid to use ideas from your competitors.

Put your unique spin on it and make it a lot better and I really mean a lot!

Mention Influencers Within The Post

When you are writing a blog post you should be thinking of the end result. Part of this is making sure that your content is in front of the right people.

Make a list of people that have wrote about a similar topic. Do they have a big network of followers?

If you are a new blogger you will find that most people will have a bigger following than yourself. However, by featuring these people you can tap into their audience.

Have these bloggers used a quote that would fit your article?

Add the quote to your post or if they have used a cool image then add it to your post.

Just always give them credit and link to them!

All you have to do then is reach out to them via email or Twitter and let them know they have been featured in your newest blog post.

Here is an example email script…

Subject: I just had to feature you…

Email: Hi Name,

I came across your article, BLOG POST NAME, I loved the way you SOMETHING YOU LOVED…

I had to use this in my latest post, YOUR TITLE. I have linked to your article here also.

If you’re not too busy could you please check it out, I would love to know what you think.



Your Name

Get Your Post Circulated To Get More Traction

Ok so you have got your blog circulated amongst people that you have mentioned. I would always aim for at least 10 people to get the initial ball rolling.

More is always better, but only when it makes sense!

There are still people that will be more than happy to share your content, though. Your friends and family.

Just because they are not interested in your topic doesn’t mean you should write them off. These people are your nearest and dearest and they want to help you.

My mum shares every post I write and I get traffic from this.


Because some of her friends have an interest.

I know if I ask her to share my work she will always say yes because it’s me.

So your task here is to message as many of your friends and family about your new post.

Next is your influencer friends, people you have a connection with. Maybe you have included them in a roundup or wrote a guest post for their blog.

Blogger Outreach Example

Just make sure your chat is welcome, there is a difference between friendly chat and I wrote one guest post last year sort of chat.

Reach out to them and ask for feedback on your new post. They have helped you in the past, if your post is good I am sure they will share for you.

Start off with easy shares and then you can move onto the strategies that will take a little longer.

Find People Who Have Shown An Interest & Get Them To Share

Next we want to look for people that have shared and linked to our type of content in the past. If people have engaged with a similar piece then there is no reason that they wouldn’t do the same with yours.

Head over to Buzzsumo and search for a similar piece of content. When you see the results just click view sharers.

View Sharers In Buzzsumo

With a plugin like GMASS you can simply add them all in and start an outreach campaign with all of these people.

Do this for as many as you can, I would say aim for more than 100 outreach emails.

Here is a script that has worked for me…

Subject: I thought you might like this article

Message: Hi NAME,

I came across your blog and loved the article you done on TOPIC.

I actually just wrote a similar article. Can I send you over the URL?



If they agree simply send them the URL and ask for some feedback.

Most of the time asking for feedback will get you a share and it is a lot softer than asking the person directly for the share.

Write For Other Sources

When you come up with your topic you want to make sure there is lots of ways to re-purpose it.

Now guest posting is a great link building technique but if you are a contributor to a blog you have struck gold. When you publish your post write a similar piece for each contributing site.

This get’s you a link and some more traffic!

Do not abuse this. You need to make sure that the post you are contributing is high quality and totally unique.

Nobody likes duplicate content, unless it’s a curator site.

Treat these like your own blogs, go over and above and the site owner will be more than happy to send you traffic.

It’s Over To You To Make It Happen

I hope you have enjoyed the article but it is now up to you to make these blog promotion strategies work for you.

Start by getting as many easy shares and links to your article as you can. This gets the ball rolling so that when you send people through to it they see engagement.

Don’t be afraid to outreach with other bloggers big and small but again think value over quantity.

There is no point spamming 100 bloggers for 1 or 2 shares when you could start building a relationship with the bloggers and get 50+ shares.

In the comments below share tactics you use to drive traffic to your blog posts

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