1 Ego-Based Limiting Belief that Stunts Your Blogging Growth

I’ve spotted a trend among aspiring bloggers.

And pro bloggers too.

This crowd turns down opportunity after opportunity to:

  • guest post
  • comment on

on certain blogs. For a very silly reason. For an ego-based reason.

I like to call it “The Too Cool for School Effect”.

A handful of bloggers believe, genuinely, that as sites/blogs lose exclusively, these sites lose value. Which means, there’s no sense publishing posts to these inclusive, open, generous sites.

Since these bloggers are too cool to be seen on inclusive, open blogs, with liberal editing or posting policies, they figure posting to such sites is a waste of time.

As is always the case with the “Too Cool for School Effect” type folks, this vanity-driven, ego-based, prideful approach stunts their blogging growth. In a terrible way


I write or publish a video post on The Huffington Post almost daily.

The HP has opened up the blogging platform to anyone with a pulse. What went from exclusive went to inclusive.

I don’t give a rat’s fanny if The Huffington Post is exclusive or inclusive or whatever.

I have a hundred or so – soon to be – pieces of content floating around online on The HP, whereas the prideful bloggers (double the pride, twice the fall) whose ego-based limiting belief that “it used to be for the cool kids and I won’t post there now because it’s not a special club anymore” causes them to skip posting there, has like 5 or 10 or maybe 20 posts on The Huffington Post.

100 plus posts on The Huffington Post. All helpful. All valuable. All fun to create. All putting inspired, awesome energy throughout the blogosphere. Mad traffic. Mad list subscribers. Mad exposure.

Meanwhile, bloggers suffering from the insanity of conceit have turned down the opportunity to publish hundreds of pieces of helpful, inspired, fun to create content because they are too cool to be seen on a platform where anybody can post.

Which means they miss out on traffic, subscribers and exposure.

Look at My Life


Look at my life.

I blog from paradise.

I live in places like:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Cyprus
  • New York City

for months at a time, blogging my way across the globe.

If I listened to my ego I’d still be a broke, miserable, laid off security guard in New Jersey. Actually, taking the security guard job over 15 years ago – when I had a college degree and ample corporate world experience to land a more lucrative, white collar job – was my first act of ego defiance. I set an energetic precedent to do what felt fun, to do what felt freeing and to do what made me happy versus doing things from a vain, conceited, ego-based, confining space.

My life turned out OK.

Stars Do This Too

I recall hearing Hollywood superstar actor Ashton Kuchar explain how he was never above any job as a kid, as he was growing up.

He was equally as at home doing what could be perceived as menial jobs than he was being a high profile fashion model or world famous movie star.

He wound up pretty OK too.

Don’t let your ego call the shots.

Do things with love.

Seize opportunities.

Don’t be “above” anything.

Level yourself.

Gobble up opportunities to have fun, to spread love, to create value and to build friendships.

Rock out your blog by never being too cool to do anything.

Your Turn

How do you prevent your ego from calling the shots?

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