1 Way to Make a Successful Blogging Shift Quickly

I peeped a post on a well read blogging-themed community a few moments ago.

1 inspired blogger offered to feature 7 bloggers on her popular blog.

She asked interested bloggers to simply link in via a comment to their blogs if they wanted to be featured.

48 comments later, replies are still flying in as bloggers are sprinting to the opportunity like bees to honey.

Nothing wrong with seeking out publicity. We are all entitled to get mad shine. Goodness knows I like the spotlight as much as any other blogger, seeking out Broadway-type billing, online, as I write these words from downtown Manhattan in New York City.

BUT…..if you are struggling like hell to gain any type of blogging exposure and are tripping over yourself in desperation to land a feature you should be:

as excited to give other bloggers exposure as you are to get exposure for yourself.

This is the 1 massive, success promoting shift that all struggling bloggers should face and embrace to take their blogs into the stratosphere.

Look at Donna Merrill.

She regularly links to other bloggers.

She interviews other bloggers.

She spreads the love. Love flows back to her through tons of traffic, blogging profits and endless features on respected blogs.

It’s really easy. Simple too.

Embrace your fear of not getting enough traffic or profits or exposure, feel the scarcity, release this fear of “running out”, and show love to other bloggers. Spread the love by featuring other bloggers. Enjoy spreading the love. Don’t look for anything in return. Just spread love, feel the love of helping others and let it go, right there.

You will be amazed at when you genuinely do NOT care about getting anything from a friendship how easily you manifest:

  • traffic
  • profits
  • opportunities for features and guest posts and podcast interviews
  • loving friendships

Check out David Boozer.

He regularly interviews top marketers.

He’s generous. He spreads the love. Love flows back to him as success in various forms.

Check out Matthew Loomis.

Same deal.

Interviews people left and right. Shares his platform. Features other bloggers. Spreads love.

Love flows back to him as he continues to reap the sweet success of being an authority blogger in the blogging tips niche.

Look at the background image of the picture I used above.

That was my home office view from Savusavu, Fiji for 4 months in 2014.

I link out to bloggers quite a bit on my blog.

Sure helps me live a neat life.

The Sticking Point

Most bloggers – especially struggling bloggers – rarely or never promote others bloggers because of: fear.

Bloggers fear they aren’t getting enough exposure. When someone suggests they promote other bloggers, their FEAR tells them this is a counterintuitive, stupid strategy, and these guys and gals scatter like cockroaches when you turn on a light.

The light of love seems alien to them because they are so used to living in a fear-based, “what’s in it for me?”, “I need to take care of A1/myself first” type energy that completely blinds them to love, to fun, to happiness, and to freedom. The freedom of being able to travel the world. The freedom of always having more than enough. The freedom of feeling loved and cared for, always.

Your Assignment

Promote some other blogger on your blog today.

Could be Donna, David, Matthew or me.

Or anybody.

Spread love.

Kill your fear of not getting enough of……anything.

Observe how much fun you feel, when you kill ego-based fears.

Observe how you will do more blogging things from a space of love, when you choose to spread love, and see how that sweet love energy will flow back to you in many shapes and forms, when giving/loving is the reward and you don’t care much at all about outcomes.

Your Turn

How are you promoting other bloggers today?

How are you spreading the love?

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