Posting on the Holidays: Yes or No?

My name is Ryan Biddulph.

I’m publishing posts on:

  • Blogging From Paradise
  • The Huffington Post
  • Blogging Tips

today, on Christmas Day.

I published posts on each site on Christmas Eve, too.

I likely will publish posts on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day on 1 or all 3 of those blogs too.

I love what I do.

I have fun writing blog posts. As much fun as visiting with family or friends, or, opening presents.

Naturally, since blogging is fun to me I seek out what feels fun to me and do it every day of my life.

Writing a blog post is not work for me.

Writing a blog post is like heading to the park to shoot baskets, or, watching Netflix, or enjoying an awesome meal.

If I’d be a dope to skip watching Netflix I’d be an equal dope to skip writing and publishing blog posts.


Blogging is not work for me. Because I follow my fun. I blog predominantly to have fun. Traffic and money follow. But genuinely, I really, with like, 90% of my energy, or 95% on my best days, do not care about:

  • traffic
  • profits
  • comments
  • social shares

I do not work at blogging.

I play at blogging.

So if a calendar happens to point to specific numbers I never stop doing what feels fun to me. Blogging and writing feel fun to me. So I do it.

This is not work.

And really, if blogging feels like work to you, it’s time to shift your energy and have more fun.

Make this a Christmas gift and New Year’s Resolution to yourself: Have Fun Blogging!

No Desperation

I am not blogging today to desperately:

  • out hustle anybody
  • out work anyone
  • address a fear of losing blogging traffic or profits
  • stand out
  • go against the grain
  • brag to folks that I’m working on the holidays

All those drivers are asinine, ego-based, fear-based, terror-filled drivers. Many of which I clung to in the past.

Don’t work on the holidays out of desperation. Terrible energy. Only makes your job 10 times harder.

Play on the holidays out of love. Blog.

Have fun blogging, then blog every day. Through either practicing your writing or publishing post.

This is not work. This is play. When you’re doing it right, from an energetic perspective, you will play every day.

Blog for fun and you will always be blogging from paradise. Because wherever you are, you’ll be having fun when you blog.

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself this question:

“If you are blogging today, does it feel like work or fun, and if you are not blogging today, is it because blogging feels like work to you, or is it because you forgot to do what feels like fun to you, today?”

Blogging is an energy game.

If your energy is in the right spot and you’re blogging for the fun of blogging you may never take off a day from blogging again.

It’s about prioritizing what feels most fun to you. You always set aside time and energy for what feels most fun to do.

Your Turn

Are you blogging today?

If not, does blogging feel like work to you?

Or does it feel like fun?

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