How to Place Guest Posts on High Ranking Blogs

If you are excited to place guest posts on high ranking blogs I have a 4 step process for you.

I landed gigs on a slew of blogs over the years.

You may be intimidated or outright terrified to even dream of submitting guesties to big dawg bloggers. Goodness knows I was.

But if you change your energy around the process the big dawg blogging bosses who own high ranking sites will beg you to write and submit guesties like Oliver Twist pleading for a bowl of porridge.

1: Enjoy the Process

Enjoy the process of writing, networking and flat out blogging.

Enjoying the blogging process detaches you from outcomes which helps you land guest post spots. On big time blogs.

Filling yourself with tension only mucks up your guest posting mojo. Because top bloggers avoid desperate, needy folks who beg and plead to get posts placed.

I love blogging. The work is fun so the work is the reward. Landing guest posts on top blogs is icing on the cake.

Maintaining that vibe makes you irresistible to big dawg bloggers.

Guys, following this tip helps all other tips fall into place.

Submit guest posts for the fun of it. Guest post with love. Emanate a delicious energy that top bloggers gobble up with relish.

2: Write 1,000 Words Daily (for Practice)

Landing posts on respected blogs requires you to know your craft inside out.

Know your craft by writing 1,000 words daily for practice.

Open a Word document. Write. Hit that 1,000 word minimum. Daily. Because writing on the regular makes your guest posts attractive.

Some bloggers run through hoops trying to convince, persuade and cajole folks to place their guest posts. But since the quality of their work is poor no cajoling in the world will help them get the gig.

I felt intimidated to guest post on top blogs for years. Little clarity. Tiny blogging cajones. I simply didn’t work on my craft enough. Little confidence because I spent little time in the lab. The writing lab.

Eventually I set aside time daily to write for practice. My writing improved. As did my confidence.

Some folks appear to be writing naturals but these bloggers simply wrote millions of words online to gain the clarity and confidence to create and publish guest posts on top blogs.

Wanna know how to get published on blogs like Pro Blogger and Blogging Tips?

Practice writing!

3: Make Friends with High Ranking Bloggers

Zac Johnson invited me to guest post on Blogging Tips because:

  • I practiced writing daily for a minute (aka, “a while”)
  • I have fun writing and that fun energy bleeds through my posts
  • I commented on Blogging Tips persistently and promoted BT posts regularly on Twitter

I built bonds with top bloggers to land guest posts on top blogs.

When you do this right, people will ask you to submit guest posts. You will attract the invites. No pitching. No pushing. No influencing. (See tip #4.)

4: Buy a Baseball Bat to Keep Successful Bloggers from Overwhelming You with Guest Post Requests

No lie; if you follow tips #1-#3 diligently you will need a bat to keep top bloggers away from you. Because these folks will beg you to guest post on their high ranking blogs.

People tend to mess up #1. Which causes them to mess up #2. And #3.

If you are blogging mainly to have fun you’ll be BEING a successful blogger. Successful bloggers love writing. So successful bloggers will write daily. Successful bloggers love making friends with other bloggers. So these folks will promote other bloggers and comment on their blogs daily.

Following tip #1 makes everything go.

Have fun.

Love your craft.

Out of the hundreds of guest posts I’ve written I only pitched 1 guy. Only because I felt an intuitive nudge to do so after I created Blogging From Paradise.

Other than that, all other guest gigs popped up on my doorstep.

Your Turn

Are your guest posts popping up on top blogs?

What tips can you add?

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