Mondovo Tools for All Your SEO and Social Media Needs

With so many aspects to managing your search engine optimization and social media efforts, it can be an especially dizzying experience trying to keep up with it all. There are so many tools available that serve so many different purposes that you can you end up with a severely fragmented and disjointed strategy.

Why not invest in one cohesive SEO tool that can handle all of these tasks under one unified interface? That’s the promise of Mondovo, simplifying digital marketing and helping you save both time and money as you manage everything that has to do with SEO and social media.

What Is Mondovo?

The main objective with Mondovo is to provide you with a single place where you can log in and access all the tools you need to optimize not only your search engine rankings, but also your marketing efforts on social media. You don’t need to subscribe to this tool from this vendor and this other tool from this other vendor.

The four main pillars to this solution is that it is pay-as-you-go, so you don’t have worry about how your budget changes each month; it’s affordable, with super low prices for everything you need; it’s insightful, offering you rich insight-based reporting; and it’s easy-to-use, providing intuitive tools and uncomplicated reporting that even newer users will understand.

The pay-as-you-go pricing dynamic is especially unique in this space, because there are no monthly subscription fees. Instead, you only pay for the reports, monitoring and analysis that you need. Nothing more, nothing less. This makes it infinitely scalable, growing right alongside your business or sliding all the way back if things go lean one month.

Rank Tracking Tool

As of this writing, Mondovo offers a total of 17 different tools to help you with your SEO and social media efforts. It would be impossible to cover them all here, so we’ll highlight a few of the most important tools. One such example is the rank tracker.

The intelligent rank tracker monitors how your site and the sites of your competitors are doing on the corresponding search engine results pages (SERPs). You can choose how often you would like a report to be generated, all of which are stored in the cloud for access and downloading at any time, as many times as you’d like.

The tracker watches how rankings change for target search terms, but it goes further by estimating the amount of site traffic that is generated, spying into which advertisers are targeting these terms, and summarizing the average site rank across all keywords.

Want to monitor 100 keywords and have a report generated once a month? That comes to a mere 30 cents each month. If you want a higher frequency or more keywords, the cost scales accordingly.

Doing an SEO Site Audit

Want to find the biggest weaknesses and opportunities for SEO improvement on your website? Use the site audit tool to analyze several of the key SEO aspects that could impact where your site ranks in the SERPs for your most important keywords.

The website audit crawls through all the pages of your website to look for these opportunities, analyzing your domain authority, Alexa rank and more. It looks for meta issues that should be addressed, how your HTML could be better optimized, and what you could do better with your internal and external links. This is both a great place to start your SEO efforts, as well as a way to check up on how successful your strategy is along the way.

For instance, the website audit report will tell you where you are missing titles and meta descriptions or how you could be better utilizing header tags to organize your content. Learn about content optimization and how your pages are performing across social channels too. And just like the rank tracker, the pricing here is pay-as-you-go too. Each individual page to be crawled is 8/100ths of a cent, meaning it costs just 8 cents to crawl 100 pages.

Dig even deeper with the on-page SEO tool to analyze each individual page even further, assessing just how SEO friendly it is, where you should be placing your keywords for optimal benefit, and you stack up against your closest competitors. This deeper analysis costs only 3 cents per page.

Checking Search Volume

Another tool worth mentioning is the bulk search volume checker. This lets you check which keywords or keyword phrases might represent the greatest potential. Research which keywords are getting the most traction so you can optimize your PPC campaigns accordingly.

By using this tool, you can determine which keywords you should be targeting (and which ones you might want to avoid). This is not only on a global basis, but you can perform a location-enabled bulk keyword volume search so you can narrow down your campaign to the specific regions and areas that you want to target. The tool will also inform you of the exact cost per click you can expect to pay for the keywords you wish to target.

Generating a single report with information on up to 650 keywords costs just $0.20. That’s 20 cents!

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Part of the challenge you might face when considering some alternatives is that you can forced into monthly subscription plans that are either too small or too large to fit your exact needs. You might also find yourself going to all sorts of different vendors to access all sorts of different tools.

Mondovo simplifies and integrates the whole process so that it can work the way that you do. Only pay for the reports that you need (at pennies or fractions of a penny per report) and nothing more. With 17 tools at your disposal, you’ll have all the data you need to help your business succeed, whether you’ve got a monthly budget of $5 or $500.

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