6 Different Options for Creating a New Logo for Your Blog

Do you need to spruce up your logo? Perhaps you need to focus on your logo. Having a blog logo is important when you are trying to promote your brand and get more views and reactions to your content.

What should you do to improve your blog logo? Should you use the logo that you have for your brand? Below are five options you should consider when creating a new logo for your blog.


Be consistent with your brand

Remember that, if you own a business, one of the most important things you should do is to be true to your brand. You don’t want a logo that deters from your branding or confuses people. So if you do have a logo already that works well for your brand, use your logo within your blog as well.

It is extremely important that you continually remind people of your branding in some ways. One of these ways is to integrate your branding across the web in all of the platforms that you are on. You also need to avoid confusion at all costs. If you have a different logo on your blog than you do on your website and YouTube channel, how will people know it is you?

Of course, there could be exceptions to this. If you have a particular topic that you are addressing within your blog that is somewhat different and needs its logo, you could put up a logo that focuses on the topic.

But you will probably want to include your brand logo somewhere else so that people will know it is from your company.

If you do decide to create a new logo for your blog, you could check out CoolText.com. They allow you to create, download and use a logo that you create on their site at no charge.

Creating a Beautiful Site Design

Use a graphics program

Do you feel creative? If you have decided to create a new logo for your blog, you could use a popular graphics creation program such as PhotoShop or others to do so. PhotoShop allows you to create original shapes where you can insert your logo for your blog quickly and easily. Try your hand at this and see what you come up with.

Hire an independent designer

Another way you can get a new blog logo is just to go on sites such as Fiverr.com and hire an independent designer. You will find talent from everyone from a beginning artist to expert professional designers.

You need to check out their feedback and record before hiring a designer on this site but it is very inexpensive, and it’s a good way to get a quick logo for your blog.

Have your followers do it!

Why not hold a contest and ask your readers and followers to design your logo. This could be a fun and interesting PR stunt for your blog that may increase your engagement level while serving to get you a fast logo. You could even offer to pay the winner for their design to buy all rights.

Another idea is to consider changing logos from time to time and holding regular contests for this effort. But again, just be careful about confusing people by having multiple logos.

Download a logo

There are plenty of sites that allow you to download a preformatted logo design that can be done with minimal work on your part. It only takes a few minutes to create a new logo for your blog using these online services and tools. The downside is that it is unoriginal and others could use the same one.

Hire a professional logo design team

As we have said many times, it’s best to go the professional route. Logo design should reflect the uniqueness of your brand and remind people of what you stand for, whether it is on your blog or your website.

Being consistent with your logo while creating a logo that incites interest in your brand is the best thing you can do to promote your identity on the web.

Remember that having a specific identity with your blog improves your standing with Google as well.

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