1 Secret to Effective Blog Commenting


I love my name.

I am not beyond ego.

Not yet.

I love when folks address me by my name.

Shows that they care.

Just a second.

All it takes.

A second.



Every comment you make.

This is one of the great secrets of blog commenting.

But too many bloggers:

  • are in a rush
  • don’t genuinely care about their fellow bloggers
  • don’t want to be bothered with finding out their fellow blogger’s name

Naturally, the mindless blogging minions out there slave like pack mules, fervently hustling from blog to blog, desperately trying to make an impact.

1 Secret

Personalize every blog comment you make.

Start each comment with:

“Hi Zac,”


“Hi Ryan,”

(Note the subliminal cue to comment on Blogging Tips or Blogging From Paradise).

Personalizing comments:

  • makes bloggers feel special
  • makes bloggers feel loved
  • builds connections more easily
  • strokes egos
  • impresses readers who are accustomed to seeing Drive By commentors drop their dirty, dastardly deposits all over the blog-o-sphere, comment-crapping in cyber space

It takes not a Rhodes Scholar to follow this tip.

Just use the blogger’s name.

Easy peasy.

Address ’em.

Build that bond.

What about Nameless Bloggers?

Some bloggers bury their name for branding or Shy Guy/Gal purposes.

Simply visit their “About” page (if they have one), find their name, and address ’em.

If they don’t share their name anywhere on their blog, simply address them as: “Hi ,” (leave a space to denote where their name would be; this carries both a humorous and metaphysical bend, which really gets the New Age folks with a hearty knee slapper!)

Guys, no need to reel this post along.

I love hitting the 600 word count like the next guy but you get the idea.

Just watch the video if you want to see a bright-eyed and busy-tailed me gabbing for 1 minute about this blog commenting secret:

For further reading (if you vibe with my style) you can buy my eBook here:

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