How to Generate More Traffic and Backlinks with Expert Roundup Blog Posts

This article is dedicated to bloggers, freelance writers and affiliate marketers who want to get more traffic and back-links to their site and don’t know how.

Inside you’ll learn:

  1. What are expert roundups and why do they work

  2. How to select the right theme for your roundup

  3. How to pick a great question for the participants

  4. Where to find the experts

  5. How to make them say ‘YES’

  6. How to promote your post

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#1 – What are Expert Roundups and Why Do They Work

This type of blog post is a collection of tips/insights on a particular theme or topic, answered by experts in a specific industry.

For example, I once worked with AHREFS and created an expert roundup post with 90 SEO specialists involved. Each one of them had to answer the same question. Click here to see the results.

#2 – How to Select the Right Theme for Your Roundup

Before I craft an expert roundup I ensure I study the website or blog where the expert roundup will be posted. All I do is simple: I analyze the audience by taking a close look at the most commented posts, the comments themselves, and latest topics published.

Based on the target audience and the theme of the site, I am able to decide on a very specific topic.

For example, let’s say your site is about tennis gear, then a good topic would be best tennis gear to buy.

#3 – How to Pick a Great Question for the Participants

Once you’re done with the theme/topic, next step is to find a great question. Brainstorm a few minutes. I have a fill in the blank template I use each time I get writer’s block, which has about 60 potential questions to ask.

Here are some ‘personalized’ examples:

What mistakes should beginners avoid when buying a pair of tennis shoes?

What is your recommended budget to invest in tennis gear and how would you spend it?

Which pair of shoes do you recommend for tennis beginners to buy: Nike or Asics?

#4 – Where to find the experts

Experts are everywhere: Google. Quora. Linkedin. Facebook. Twitter. Forums. Blogs. YouTube.

The key is to focus on one or two channels and hunt for experts over there.

My favorite place is Twitter and personal blogs. It gets easier to find their email this way. And email is the best way to connect with the expert because, from my experience, all the other channels are not reliable for one on one contact.

With e-mail it is very easy and less time consuming to manage all your expert answers in one place and then collect the responses in a word document to be edited & published later.

#5 – How to make them say ‘YES’

First of all, if people recognize your name before you contact them with your expert roundup request, you’ll have a higher chance to get them say “YES”. If you do cold calling via e-mail, then rates will drop significantly. So I suggest you first have the expert recognize your name. Here are three ways:

1. E-mail them about something related to their blog.

Maybe you’ve seen their logo and you like it that much that you want to ask who designed it for them. That will open the door for you.

2. Comment on their blog on a topic you like

They’ll surely notice your name, particularly if the comment is insightful and meaty; this will open the door for you.

3. Interact with them via social media. Share their stuff multiple times that they’ll notice your name. It’s a great starter!

Once you’re done with one of these, you email them a short message.


>> subject line

X, quick question

Hi, Y here. Hope you’re well?

I’m creating an expert roundup on ____ (theme)

for Z person / famous blog and I’d like to invite

you to participate.

Here’s the question if you’re interested:


I’d need your response within 7 days.

200 words is ideal but not required.

Thank you

[Your name]

Wait 3 days for a response. Follow-up with another shorter email asking if they’re still able to send their answer. Some will reply.

Out of 100 emails sent, maybe 30 will respond. This is a good conversion rate.

#6 – How to promote your post

Once you collect your answers, ensure you save them all in a word document, and edit it (add the title, intro, responses, and outro)

Your post goes live. Return to your experts and give them the link to take a look. Most will promote it to their followers via social media.

Some will promote it to their newsletter subscribers.

Others will even mention it on their website, in a blog post which is relevant to the topic.

I’ve also seen people have a section in their “about me” page where they list all the interviews they’ve done along with expert roundups and other Internet apparitions.

Go back to people who have agreed to participate but for some reasons they haven’t. Email them as well. For extra promotion.

This initial promo effort is enough to help you get traffic, shares, and links.

Obviously, traffic is significantly higher if you have more experts involved.

I usually aim for 40+. The highest number of experts I’ve seen in an expert roundup were a whopping 192. You decide if that’s too much.

Now, use this guide as a helping hand in creating your own expert roundups and get more traffic.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this topic, let me know.

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