1 Tip to Wildly Accelerate Your Blogging Growth


58 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s what the temperature read this morning indoors before I fired up the heat.

Things in the Northeast are a little cooler than Costa Rica now.

A little more blustery than Bali.

More freezing than Fiji.

But I dove into my morning ice cold shower, anyway, transitioning into a popsicle for a minute.

After 5-10 seconds of brutality I breathed deeply, found my stride and enjoyed the remainder of the 60 seconds.

Because I love growing like a weed.

Online and offline.

The Tip

Do 1 thing today which genuinely scares you.

I mean, something that frightens the hell out of ya.

Forming this habit will inspire you to sprint out of your comfort zone, blogging-wise and life-wise.

All happiness and freedom and fun and traffic and money resides in following your intuitive nudges, most of which lie nestled deeply in your fears.

Maybe you have yet to:

  • write your first blog post
  • record your first video
  • record your first podcast
  • write your first eBook

This practice will train you to pick FIRSTS over FEAR.

I know.

I felt terrified this morning.

If the air temp was 58 in the crib (house, for the uninitiated) the shower temp – with the dial turned all the way over to the cold side – well, God knows what that temp was. 50’s, easy.

I still feel the chill in my hands 1 hour after taking the shower.

But I love how my energy flows after taking the shower. I love how energized I feel.

I love the self-confidence boost, the endorphin rush and the countless benefits I receive by taking the shower, ice-cold.

Even if I feel terrified to dive into the Arctic blast masquerading as a shower on some particularly cold mornings.

Like today.

Your Responsibility

It is your 100% responsibility to do fun, freeing and sometimes frightful things both online and offline to promote your blogging success.

Take the plunge.

Sprint out of your comfort zone.

After checking with your doctor, hop into an icy cold shower in the morning.

Post your first comment on Blogging From Paradise, if you feared sharing your thoughts previously for fear of criticism, or because you thought you’d look like a fool posting a comment, as a green newbie.

Write your first blogging eBook. Today. Or start writing it.

I felt terrified to write eBooks. Until I did a scary thing. I wrote 1. Now I have written 126 eBooks.

If you want to retire to a life of island hopping get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I was terrified to create blogging products. 3 products ago.

You may be terrified at the prospect of pitching an influential blogger for a guest post opportunity, or you fear writing your first guest post, or you fear buying your domain and hosting, or maybe you fear writing for your first freelance writing client.

I have:

  • cheated death in India
  • sat with three, 400 pound tigers in their cage in Thailand
  • faced down both a spitting cobra and deadly krait in Bali
  • lived in remote jungles in Costa Rica, with lethal fer de lanz’s, eyelash vipers and bullet ants, poison dart frogs and army ants afoot

and I can honestly say, I felt almost as scared buying my domain and hosting as I did during those death-defying episodes.

Do something scary today.

The self-confidence surge you experience after the task will fuel stupid wild blogging growth.

You’ll follow your fun without sweating outcomes.

You’ll pursue your passion without being steamrolled by practicalities.

Watch me explain in this minute long video from an exotic nursery.

Are you doing scary but freeing stuff regularly?

What are you scared to do, blogging-wise?

Navigate through your deepest fears. Check out my 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging,

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