How to Spy on Your Competitors Anonymously?

Competition analysis is one of the most critical elements of any business. Bloggers who want to convert their endeavors into a business model must know the same.

Advanced blogging tools, some strategies and a unique approach has allowed many bloggers to successfully tap in on what they are competitors are doing (in legal and ethical ways off course!).

There are basic methods like following social media handles, scouring through their blogs and webpages, brainstorming each tweet they make and more. However, to get a real handle of things you need to establish methods and use resources that give you statistical information and keep you anonymous.

Here are a few insights into the benefits of Competitor Spying

  • You get new ideas every day. They give you insights to connect with new customers and help you develop customer-retaining strategies.
  • You know what advantages the market has over you. You can then create targeted plans to match these gaps.
  • Search and marketing optimization metrics give you an idea about authority platforms and other influencers whom you could connect with.

If you are new to this then know that you might be using most of the tools that you need to spy on competition. Let’s see some categorical applications that can help.

#1 Tools for Keyword Monitoring

These tools are designed to help users analyze competitor keywords and search marketing campaigns. This allows you to know what marketing channels and optimization are working well for other businesses in your niche and thus, improve your own standards.

Popular tools include software applications like iSpionage and KeywordSpy are ideal for this purpose. The former allows you to know how your competitors are collaborating with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for search marketing campaigns.

KeywordSpy helps you discover competitive keywords to work on. You will know what kind of spending is being done on these keywords. It also tells you keyword combinations and ad copies that perform well for your competition.

#2 Tools for Backlink Tracking

Most of you bloggers must be using some or the other backlink-tracking tool to find authority pages and build strong backlinks. These tools also allow tracking.

You need to entire the URL of a page you need to track. Backlink checkers like Ahrefs and Majestic Site Explorer will give you detailed information about various aspects including:

  • External Links
  • Referring domains and IPs
  • Top pages
  • Main Anchor Text
  • Linked Domains
  • Detailed Link Profiles
  • Historical Indexing Data

#3 Ad Monitoring Tools

Knowing what kind of ads perform best in your niche is very advantageous. This can greatly reduce on marketing spends and focus on developing copies that actually attract your target audiences.

Tools like AdGooroo provide display insights through which, you can monitor ten competitors and their ad campaigns. These are ranked upon page views. The industry insights can help you figure out ad placements as well!

#4 Privacy Tools

Staying anonymous while you surf the net is highly beneficial if you conduct your business online. Longer hours on the web can lead to higher chances of being attacked or counter-targeted by hackers and other competitors. Therefore, tools like VPN services and IP scramblers are becoming popular.

Services like Private Tunnel provide traditional cloaking services with advanced features like SDN, Remote access networks, Unified Threat Management and more. In a nutshell, they do not let normal users and hackers know your identity.

Keeping a low profile is always ideal for business and hence, advanced privacy is never a bad option.


Use these four strategies to spy on your competitors anonymously. I am sure you will find important and exclusive information.

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