7 Exciting Training Courses in Online Marketing and Technology

Are you looking for a way to improve the ROI of your business? Maybe you need to brush up on your marketing or technology skills. The business world is rapidly changing, and keeping up with change is often the key factor that decides whether a business will survive or not.

Even if you use marketing techniques on a regular basis, it might help to understand the basics of marketing and then learn how to apply knowledge to your business.

If you want to improve your marketing and technology skills, you’ll like this post. We decided to scour the web to find you the best online courses you can take in marketing and technology to help you reach your goals.


How does marketing help your brand?

First, let’s talk about marketing. What do you feel you need to know to be an effective marketer? Marketing is one of the key tools you have to effectively promote your business and your brand. You can use a variety of techniques to achieve this, including traditional flyers and brochures, print advertisements, online digital marketing, TV ads, and more.

How Technology Fits In

Technology is at the heart of the digital marketing process, and has become a big part of the marketing process. Having an understanding of basic technology and the tools that you can use to increase your leverage will have a huge impact on your profits.

Here are five courses you can take that will improve your understanding of both marketing and technology.

Advanced Conversion Optimization Certification Training

This course by Simplilearn.com offers you a look into Conversion Rate Optimization that helps business owners and professionals tap into traffic that they might be missing out on. The course will help you understand why visitors come to your site, and will teach you how to convert site visits into sales. You will also learn systematic marketing techniques and how to use your tools to generate revenue.


Google Adwords Certification Program

The Google Adwords Certification Program will grant you a certificate in Google AdWords upon completion. You will learn all about the Google Pay-per-click network and gain an in-depth understanding of major aspects of Google advertising. Some of the subtopics covered will be mobile marketing, video, search, and Google ads.

You will also learn to use different strategies for optimizing your campaigns and improving ad quality. By the end of the course, you will have a good grasp of how the Google AdWords network works, and will know how to apply your understanding to your business or marketing strategies.


Pay-per-Click Certification Training

This Pay-per-click certification training program by Simplilearn will help you achieve your goals in PPC marketing. PPC marketing has gained increasing momentum over the past few years for its power to increase revenue and traffic through PPC ads.

This course will teach you how to build and create PPC ads, as well as how to apply them to your own business and maximize your revenue.


Amazon Web Services Certification Course

While most people know that Amazon.com is the largest shopping site in the world, it’s less well-known that Amazon’s technology powers some of the largest websites and businesses in the world. Through “Amazon Web Service”, businesses can take advantage of data management, technology, and hosting services at a fraction of the price they might have to pay elsewhere.

With all of this in mind, there is a huge demand for certified AWS professionals from businesses and brands around the world. Take a look at the different courses available, then decide which one is best-suited to your existing or future career plans.


Advanced Social Media Certification Training

The Advanced Social Media Certification Training course offered by Simplilearn.com is a great social media marketing course that will help you utilize tools necessary to create effective social marketing campaigns.

You will learn to distribute content via the sharing of information, ideas, pictures, and videos in virtual communities and networks.

The goal of this advanced social media course is to educate and train you in social media applications and marketing. You will learn the latest techniques to attract traffic to your websites, as well as how to promote your brand on the most popular social media platforms.


Advanced Web Analytics Certification Training

The Advanced Web Analytics Certification Training course is a great course for business owners to take. It will improve your ability to analyze web traffic using tools like Google Analytics. By learning various aspects of web data analysis as well as multi-channel analytics and other qualitative search tools, you will be able to utilize these tools to better serve your business and website.

If you have ever conducted experiments on Google Analytics and performed split A/B testing, you already have a head-start on what you can do to increase your knowledge of web analytics.

This course focuses on all of the aspects of web analysis including the measurement, tracking, collection, and evaluation of data that can help you optimize your page. In addition to offering you advanced insight into all of these things, this course will also help you apply your knowledge to your specific business.


Google Cloud Platform Certification Training Courses

When it comes to running any type of website or business on the internet, you are soon going to need to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer. With brands like Google, Salesforce, and Amazon getting quite active in this space, there is a great need for those with Google cloud training.

Like each of the courses mentioned above, there are also individual training materials for subsets of the Google Cloud. Take a look at each and select a specialty in which to focus your efforts.


No matter what if you are trying to improvement your placement within your existing career or looking to simply learn something new, know that you have a world of opportunity when it comes to online training and resource material. Be sure to check out each of the reference guides and courses above, while also skimming through our resources section as well.

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