How Can Social CRM Boost Your Blog SEO?

It is quite clear that that social CRM is an integral part of the sales process across all kinds of businesses. As a blogger, I find it of huge help when it comes to improving the overall performance and SEO of my blog.

With Social CRM you can identify leads, reach out to customers with awesome engagement and experience, and achieve a high conversion rate. For bloggers, it can lead to greater social engagement, increased traffic, satisfying audience experience, a boost in ad clicks and more.

How does that happen? Simple, Social CRM boosts your Blog SEO

In a nutshell, it helps you gather data that allows you analyze audience behavior and search patterns and align them with your blog niche.

You are able to create strategies that help you communicate better, solve trending problems and improve your blog ranking. As your SEO improves, your blog monetization will increase due to incoming traffic and increased ad engagement.

Here are some ways how Social CRM can help your Blog perform better.

#1 Analyze Audience Profiles

As a blogger, you should be very clear so as to who your target audience is. You don’t have to speculate and imagine profiles to create posts. Social CRM features and reporting standards track audiences for digital footprints and take the guess work out.

They provide essential data like email open rates, engagement patterns, ad clicks, demographics, interests of potential customers and much more. You get to know what kind of social media channels people use, which groups they are active in and what kind of content they engage with.

You also get informed about the keyword patterns that they search. All this data helps you develop content ideas and campaigns that attract your target audience.

With the help of social CRM you can:

  • Create a trustworthy site that solves actual problems for your readers
  • Convert maximum traffic
  • Know about search queries and incorporate them in your plans.
  • Identify problems that need solutions
  • Draft content styles that are attractive and much more

#2 Target Influential Bloggers In Your Niche For Branding Relationships

As Social CRM directs you to audiences interested in your niche, you are bound to find influencers and top bloggers who have authority and establish a relationship with them that can benefit your blog.

Guest posting and contributions are a great way to get the link juice flowing and increase your blog outreach. Sponsored content on authority blogs help you in reaching large new audiences instantly and provides a much needed outreach boost to your content.

You can also invite these influencers to post content on your blog and get direct exposure from their established networks.

As Social CRM tools track your readers’ social influence, it can easily lead you to the top influencers in your sector. You will find platforms, bloggers and communities that are perfect for your content publication.

#3 Filters Frequently Visited Channels

The best way to boost traffic for your blog is to filter out those social media channels where your target audiences are highly active and then target your content campaigns that way.

If your potential readers are on twitter and you are incessantly promoting content on Instagram then it wont be of much help. However, Social CRM tools allow you to filter out popular channels and tell you whether its worth posting on a particular one. It can tell you if you have a following on SnapChat that you weren’t even aware of it and whether Twitter is best for engaging with leads or brand advocates or both.

Social CRM Tools also filter out keywords searched by your target audiences on these platforms. This can help you in creating content ideas that actually attract your readers. You already know when and where to post them. The only thing required now is attractive content.

This kind of targeted campaigning boosts traffic to your blog and consequently improves the SEO.

#4 Social CRM Tools Allow Instant Communication with Online Audiences

If you want your blog to come on top of Google search rankings then audience engagement is key. Google’s internal algorithms peg those sites on top that provide the most valuable user experience.

The more your interact with your audiences the more benefit your blog receives. Social CRM tools allow for maximum efficiency through automation in this area. Otherwise, managing audience engagement over multiple channels, communities and groups can be a tiring task.

I recently tried Vtiger CRM, an on-demand solution made for enterprises. I leveraged some of its features for my blog campaigns. Let me share one of its features and how it helps my blog outreach.

#1 Enhanced Automated Contact Management

With Vtiger CRM on-demand, I received a bucket load of features including a comprehensive contact management interface, which looks something like this:

Social CRM Vtiger

This instantly allows me to see a complete history of my relationships with my blog and email subscribers. Not only that, I can store personal information like emails and contact numbers, attach notes to them and see entire logs and threads of communication I have had with them.

This allowed me to tap into my readers’ interests, requests and the kind of relationship they have with me. Personal information and relevant entries help me decide on more relevant content strategies and I am able to provide greater value in my blog posts.

#2 Efficient Engagement with Readers Across Multiple Channels

Vtiger, also allows me to send instant emails or interact with audiences from one window with a few clicks. Members in my contacts can be tagged and communicated with. This allows me to instantly connect with new subscribers and interact with them on an elementary level.

I can assign various filters to my contacts land get alerts for instance when they become active, or when they are idle. You can customize these filters according to your personal needs.

They also have an advanced interactive calendar. Here I can schedule important tasks like publishing, follow-ups, delegated deadlines and more. Automated reminders are set. This allows me to stay on top my plan each step of the way.


Contacts can easily be integrated, imported and exported from CSV files, emails, forms submitted on your website and even third party apps like Google contacts. Vtiger automatically imports everything and compiles them into one standard database.

In conclusion, blog management is easier at the start, when you have small traffic, low post outreach and are just starting out. As you scale up, you involve teams, and the workload increases manifold in a short span of time.

Therefore, Social CRM is an indispensable method for attracting more readers and boosting your Blog SEO. Features like contact management, post scheduling, social media automation is just a scratch on the surface of what you can achieve with an effective CRM tool. The rich data it provides also ensures you create the right kind of content and connect with your readers, and potential readers, where they are already searching.

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