How to Drive Hoards of Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

If you’ve yet to tap into Pinterest as a viable traffic source for your blog, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your numbers and grow your audience. A single successful “pin” can generate thousands of hits in a matter of hours.

Furthermore, a collection of successful pins can change your entire brand forever.

Four Tips for Maximizing Pinterest Traffic 

While Pinterest may not get the same attention as Facebook and Twitter, it’s an incredibly valuable social networking tool for marketers and their brands. According to the data, there are more than 100 million active users on the site – 85 percent of which are women – and 55 percent of all U.S. online shoppers say Pinterest is their favorite social media platform. Even more intriguing is the fact that 88 percent of people report purchasing items that they pin.

Want to make the most out of the high level of engagement found on Pinterest? Here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Use Taller Images

According to research by Dan Zarrella, taller images are more pinnable than shorter images. Whereas images that are just 400 pixels high average less than 800 repins, images that are 800 pixels high average more than 1000 repins. The reason is that longer images take up more space, and therefore garner more attention from users. Here’s a great example from the Wedding Chicks blog. Notice how the post’s main image is actually a collage of many different images.

There does appear to be a limit, though. For best results, keep all images less than 5000 pixels high. When images become too tall, it becomes harder for users to pin them.

2. How-To and Step-by-Step Do Best

The average Pinterest user has a DIY mentality. They don’t mind doing things themselves – and probably prefer it. You can satisfy this desire by producing blog content that’s very hands on. Ideally, this means using a visual step-by-step layout that walks readers through the progression of what’s being done.

This example from the Direct Rubber Mulch blog is worth studying. Notice how they include before and after images, video, and clear subheadings that separate each individual step. All of these factors combined make the post highly pinnable.

3. Include CTAs in Description

When sharing a pin on Pinterest, you should maximize every bit of space you’re given. This includes the pin description. Instead of just writing a couple of pointless words, just for the sake of saying something, consider crafting a detailed description with a relevant call-to-action. This encourages people to click on the pin to learn more.

4. Grow an Audience

Like any other social networking site, success is found on Pinterest when you’re able to connect with followers and put your pins in front of them. There are a variety of ways to find followers, but some are better than others.

The first option is to look for successful people or brands in your niche and follow their followers. Not only will this allow you to see what they’re interested in, but it also encourages them to follow you back. The second step is to look for successful boards related to your niche and to then follow the board’s followers. If you consistently do this, while also pinning high-quality content to your own boards, you’ll steadily grow your audience.

Make Pinterest a Priority

If you’ve written off Pinterest in the past, this is your chance to reconsider. Pinterest is a valuable social networking platform for marketers and their brands. Once you understand this, you can begin molding your blog in such a way that allows you to drive traffic from Pinterest to your pages.

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