Why All Bloggers Should Use Videos To Boost Content Marketing Results

You spend all night long researching the topic and countless hours effectively writing your post. And then you wait for the huge of traffic to hit your blog. But it doesn’t really happen that way all the time, does it?

Maybe it’s time you integrate videos in to your content marketing strategy! Zac has already explained how videos can make blog posts more appealing (I’d suggest you read that post too).

In this post, I’ll tell you how you can use videos to get more targeted traffic & conversions.


Use the power of videos to boost your content marketing.

How Do Videos Help?

(I know that nobody likes loooooong and lengthy posts. So I’ll make this one short and straight to the points.)

Embedding Videos Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Yup, you read it right. Adding videos to your blog posts can actually result in higher rankings. How?

The search is always improving. It’s figuring out ways to deliver better content to users and to cut time down. It’s pretty clear that Google has updated their search algorithms in such a way that it’ll give much weight to video content. Why?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that videos help convey messages easily & in a better way. And that’s exactly what search engines, especially Google wants to do. So, adding videos to your posts can drastically increase your search engine rankings. Take a look at this interesting Quora discussion on the same.

And did you forget the fact that your website’s bounce rate has a lot to do with its rankings? Google considers pages with less bounce rates as quality content. You know, spending too much or above average time(than the other results for the same keyword) is a way to tell the bots that “Damn, this is some good shit over here!”

Videos stick people to the page for longer time, thus reducing the bounce rate. Tadaa! So, why not embed videos to your blog and get some more ranking?

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind while doing that:

  • Only use relevant & informative videos.
  • Embed videos at the right place inside your content. Usually, somewhere around the middle works!
  • If the titles & descriptions of the videos have the keywords you’re trying to rank for, you’ve a better chance.
  • Make sure you credit the source if it’s not yours.

Explainer Videos Can Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

(Can’t help it but say that I’m so obsessed with the word “Conversions”.)
There’s no debate that videos are taking over the world of business. Whiteboard animations & explainer videos are changing the game for businesses.

If you have a product that you sell through your blog or is affiliated with, videos are a great way to get more people to buy your stuff. Be it any call to action, videos work like a charm.

Explainer Videos Convert

There’s no wonder that some videos can make you say “WOW”. (Image credits Giphy.com)

There’s no wonder explainer video companies like WowMakers are able to help businesses grow through the tough to crack industries. They leverage the fact that videos can trigger people’s decisions in a snap.

So, how can you use videos to call people to action? Well, use videos that addresses the problems that your target audience is facing. And then, introduce your product as a solution in the CTA. Simple as that.

Videos Are Likely To Get More Social Shares

The legend has it that “videos are most likely to get viral”. Why? Like I said, because of its power to tell messages quickly, easily and in a better way.

I don’t believe I need to back this with the stats that support videos get more social shares. Take a look at your Facebook feed for instance. Haven’t you been seeing the huge spike of videos appearing around everywhere? Videos really does boost engagements.

And what’s the best part? If you create a good and compelling video on the topic, there’s a good chance that other bloggers and even influential ones are gonna link to your content. Imagine others linking to your content as a useful resource. Wow, right?

I’m talking about more exposure and yeah, improved Search rankings too. Links have always been the biggest SEO factor so far. And I don’t think that’s gonna change any soon.

Bonus: Including screen-capture or "how-to" videos in your tutorials is a great way to get more social shares and links.
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