Make Big Affiliate Bucks with AdCombo CPA Network

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the concept is always the same — refer high-quality leads or sales, in order to receive a commission. However, the one consistent in the industry is “change”.

While the concept of affiliate marketing might be the same, the methods for generating leads and the networks in which we can work with, are always changing.

A perfect example of this can be seen at AdCombo, an affiliate network focused on CPA-based advertising, while also attempting to provide the highest ROI possible for both publishers and advertising. With so many affiliate networks in the world today, it’s important to know which ones to work with, along with the benefits of each — which is exactly what we will be covering in this network review today.

AdCombo Wants to Change Affiliate Marketing

With so many affiliate networks to choose from, it’s important to pick one that is going to be around for many years to come. AdCombo has established themselves as a big player in this space, with thousands of affiliates, site partners and advertising actively running profitable ad campaigns across the network. To learn more about their publisher opportunities and how the network works, click here.

Right on the main page of the site, you will see AdCombo’s slogan is that they have “change CPA marketing forever”. While this is quite a bold statement, it’s more of a motivational play and stance on the industry than anything else.

In short… AdCombo wants to work with both, their affiliates and advertisers, to increase revenue and earnings across the board.


It’s one thing to say you’ve changed the concept of CPA marketing, it’s another to actually do it. AdCombo has done this through their platform which offers hundreds of different offers across a number of industry verticals. With this process in place, it’s much easier for site partners to focus on delivering high-quality traffic, while AdCombo is responsible for the serving and optimization of offers.

The difference between AdCombo and other affiliate networks is the speed and efficiency of the process. For example, if you were to join a general affiliate network, you would select an offer to run, apply for approval of that offer, create a landing page and then send traffic to the advertiser, then wait up to 90 days to actually receive payment.

With AdCombo, this process is done at a much faster rate as it’s all done through one streamlined solution.

In addition to everything else mentioned above, AdCombo also has a blog that is full of offer updates, marketing guides and also news on the company and the latest conferences and events you will see the network at.

The Many Benefits of AdCombo Network

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest pains with promoting offers on a traditional affiliate network is that you need to select an offer and then get approval on it. With AdCombo there is waiting and you can promote any offer on the network once your account is approved


To select an offer or see what is currently available through the network, all you need to do is log in to your account (as seen in the dashboard area above). The main navigation to walk your way through the site can be found on the left-hand side. From this area, you will be able to view offers, statistics, payments, support information and the main settings of your account. You can also select your preferred method of payment (PayPal, WebMoney or Paxum), which is sent out once you’ve met the minimum threshold of $50 US.

One of the most important things to look at when choosing an affiliate network to promote is the type of offers they have and where they accept traffic from. In the case of AdCombo, they accept all global traffic — which means you will never miss out on earning potential just because you have a wide range of visitors coming to your site.

Another great benefit to choosing AdCombo as your preferred affiliate network is the ability to request translated landing pages for up to 40 different countries/languages. This can all be done right through the dashboard area.

Browsing Affiliate Offers on AdCombo

At the end of the day, the big difference between successful ad networks and those who don’t make money often comes down to the type of affiliate offers on their network. It’s not a matter of how many offers can be found on a network, but instead how relevant they are to your audience and that they offer higher CPA payouts than the competition.


AdCombo is currently maximizing their efforts in both of these areas. With over 750 different offers available on the network, affiliates can search through the members area to find the best campaigns for their audience, while also skimming through offer payouts and eCPCs in the process. CPA and eCPC rates will vary based on the offer category, county targeted and of course, the type of action required.

When it comes to finding an offer that is relevant for your audience or traffic source, this is quite easy. AdCombo has a great offer directory in place that allows you to sort based on country, categories, traffic source, and conversion type. Offers can also be tagged as “Favorite” if you want to run through the list of 750 campaigns and mark the ones you might be interested in promoting at a later time.

With 750 different offers on the site, you can imagine they scale over a wide range of niche markets. The majority of offers will fall into any of the following categories — gaming, dating, e-commerce, health products, home improvement, business opportunities, coupons, insurance, food, mobile, music and movies, sports, and freebies.

How AdCombo Affiliate Tracking Works

Once you come across an offer on AdCombo that you would like to start promoting, simply click on it, then view it’s landing page creative or grab your affiliate link and go. You can see a screenshot of what a typical offer will look like inside the member’s area.


Each affiliate is given a unique tracking URL. It would be wise to redirect or mask your affiliate links when promoting them in active ad campaigns. The option is also there to create sub-accounts, to allow for even deeper tracking of offers. Affiliates can also view the landing pages for an offer by clicking on the world icon in the section with the checkboxes.

Another benefit to AdCombo, is that they make the process of split testing landing pages quite easier. This can be seen in the area with the multiple checkboxes. Should you check off each of these offers, you will be provided with one URL, but it will actively rotate all landing pages for your audience to see — thus allowing you to see which performs best.

The last important thing to note when selecting an offer to promote is to make sure you follow all campaign restrictions — such as traffic source, type, device/mobile or any other promotional methods or limitations that might be mentioned.

How Much Can You Earn with AdCombo?

As with all forms of affiliate marketing and business opportunities, you get out what you put in. AdCombo has built the network and solution to help affiliates and advertisers find success, but you need to put in the time, work and effort to see the same results others on the network have.

With access to over 750 offer and a platform that allows you to start running offers right away, AdCombo should definitely be on every affiliate marketer’s list as a powerful resource and network to rely on.

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