1 Secret to Getting Featured on World Famous Blogs

how to get featured on top blogs

Getting featured on famous blogs has helped me travel the world through blogging. Here I am with Hazey the cat in stunning Savusavu, Fiji a few years ago.

To celebrate the release of my new blogging course:

How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs

I wanted to share insights into how you can land spots on these iconic, well-read blogs.

I just spent 20 minutes following a daily routine that’s played a huge part in me landing on sites like:

  • Virgin
  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fox News
  • The Huffington Post

I learned this tactic from my good friend Donna Merrill.

Not sure if Donna ever published a post about this technique but after stalking her for a while I noticed she clicks on virtually every comment made on her blog, visits the blogger, reads their latest post and comments on the blog.

Don Purdum, Cori Ramos and Enstine Muki are 3 other bloggers who’ve had tremendous successful following this approach.

Just check out their blogs.

These blogging dynamos take care of their readers.

Each has grown large, rabidly loyal, supportive communities around their blogs.

I have only appeared on world famous blogs through the endless, tireless promoting of my friends.

I can only do so much in 24 hours.

But my loyal, growing following at Blogging From Paradise has spread my message to such a degree that I appear on some stupid famous blogs heard round the world.

I made these friends and grew my community in part by commenting on my reader’s blogs.

Why the Technique Works

  1. you’re building strong, lasting friendships with influential bloggers; friendships which move you higher in blogging circles so you can pop up on the radar screen of the big dawg, famous blogging set
  2. instead of running around like a headless chicken, trying to comment on 50 or 100 blogs daily, you can reach out to comment on just a handful of blogs while devoting most of your energy to visiting the blogs of those bloggers who comment on your blog
  3. this approach fosters strong bond-building through repeat engagements; you will begin to REALLY grow on your friends with each successive return visit to their blogs, and these fortified friendships will open exciting doors for you

How it Works – Setting the Table

As with any worthy venture you need to set the table before you can eat.

You won’t necessarily get Richard Branson or a contributor to Forbes to comment on your blog today or even next week, but the friendships you make will eventually increase your visibility to where you will be featured on iconic blogs.

Whenever anybody comments on your blog visit their blog (if they have a blog).

Read their latest post.

Publish a 2-4 paragraph, personalized, thoughtful comment on their blog.

Thank them for sharing their knowledge.

Sign off with your name.

Like Phoning Your Peeps

Ya know how 2 friends may chat daily or every 3 days or maybe weekly on the telephone (do they still have those, or is it all cell phones these days)?

This blog commenting technique is the cyber version of chatting on the telephone. I suggest commenting on 1 blog post weekly to both stay sane and to slowly reach out to new friends through blog commenting.

Frequent, meaningful engagements:

  • build rabidly loyal, supportive tribes
  • lead to features and interviews (notice how I pretty much always mention at least 1 or 2 of my blogging buddies in every post or guest post I write; I will always help out my good friends)
  • boosts your blog traffic, number of comments received and blogging profits

Your loyal tribe, frequent interviews and features on popular blogs, high volume of blog traffic and comments (and income, if you share that too) collectively catch the eye of influential bloggers. Or, of contributors at world famous blogs.

These bloggers and contributors reach out to you, asking to feature you, and you just landed yourself another feature on a world famous blog.

All because you took care of your most loyal, supportive blogging buddies.

What about the Pitch Email?

I’ve only pitched 2 people out of 200 plus features on well-read blogs.

I’ve never pitched anybody to appear on world famous blogs like Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News or The Huffington Post.

If you build it RIGHT.…they will come.

Meaning, if you make more friends every day by taking good care of your readers, by responding to comments, by commenting on your reader’s blogs and by promoting your reader’s blogs through social media, you will attract 20 to 30 more opportunities than you pursue.

Every day I receive 1-3 interview requests or features or collaborative partnerships.

You will too as you practice writing, promote other bloggers and engage your readers to grow a rabidly loyal blog readership which lifts you to heights you’d never have reached on your own.

Your Turn

Do you use this strategy to set the table for landing features on top blogs?

Or are you struggling terribly to get noticed by top blogs?

What blogger outreach strategies can you share?

My Blogging Course

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