5 Ways for Blogs to Promote Services

Seeing a “Hire Us” page on a blog isn’t uncommon. Over the years, I have seen bloggers publishing the “Hire Us” page with the intent to gain paying clients for content writing, blog setup, social media promotion, designing services and others. The strategy is not limited to blogs only. Many companies follow the same.

The level of difficulty in promoting a service is higher than a product. A product is a tangible entity – it’s easier to weave a promotion campaign, outreach goals, inbound strategies and other promotional efforts.

Promoting a service is slightly difficult. A website needs to move beyond the standardized “Hire” page and implement other strategies.

5 Ways for Blogs to Promote Services

Here they are:

#1 Reddit

Self-titled as the “front page of the Internet”, Reddit is the bare-bones extremely beneficial social network, which requires strategic time investment. It’s a community of a highly tech-savvy audience. Success with Reddit depends on two things:

  • Choice of sub-reddit (niches or interests) for engagement
  • Sharing exclusively beneficial content

There is a sub-reddit for almost any interest, such as this and this. Find a niche to dominate and excel in it.


#2 StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

Visual assets, humorous content and photography works best with StumbleUpon Paid Discovery channel. A recommended platform for small budget experimentations, the social platform servers 100,000+ marketers, brands and publishers for service and product promotion. There are around 125 million sponsored placements every month.

Even though its popularity is less than Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and other popular social platforms, StumbleUpon still attracts traction. Use their targeting options (age, gender, device) to for maximum ROI.

#3 Lounging on LinkedIn

An under-utilized networking platform, LinkedIn is a pure gold mine for service promotions. LinkedIn’s importance isn’t limited to a profile / page. Join interest-based groups and enter into a dialogue with the connections. Business News Daily has a detailed write-up on LinkedIn promotion.

Being on LinkedIn is a professional trust factor. Join communities and be an active participant. Sync the profile / page on the website for a two-way communication.

#4 Blog Outreach

Often, a blog is an active property of a service-based business. Social media teams, digital marketing companies, CRM companies and almost all verticals display a service-based business on the front with an active blog for inbound marketing.

However, we miss on outbound marketing. Especially when the competition level is high for similar service-based business setups. A business like JustFly, which is in the flight booking business, follows a robust outbound marketing programs to increase visibility. The marketing world is turning towards branded content and advertorials, which are difficult to create. The company says, “don’t sell your service, lead your customer to it” – a mantra for all the entrepreneurs out there.

What service you’re selling, develop a blog outreach program and begin to build a community for the business.

#5 Instructional Videos

Videos are a trend. Video blogging boosts online presence and increases visibility. Certainly, video production is costly but software like Camtasia is recommended to start with. Present smartphones possess capability to shoot high quality videos. Bloggers selling services should try to create instructional video content on a specific niche and increase authority.

Take the example of BYJU – an education platform from India which simplifies learning and helps to prepare for exams like GRE, GMAT and CAT. Their simple instructional videos are hugely popular. Recently, it raised $50 million from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Again, watch iiSuperwomanii Lilly Singh on YouTube. Though not a blogger, she has built a brand around herself with 9+ million followers.


These five strategies are time consuming to promote services but in the long-term, it gives you two things: branding and clients.

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