3 Apps that Nailed Content Marketing Last Year

If you think content marketing is not for the app world, you couldn’t be more wrong. Most probably, you are confused with the wrong variables.

With a little calculation, strategic planning and sensible analysis, apps can exploit content marketing to deliver staggering acquisition figures.

To do content marketing for an app, the first thing you need is responsive website for the same. There are three relevant factors that need to be evaluated then:

#1 Will content marketing hamper product development?

For most marketers or app developers who are starting out with launch operations, this involuntarily becomes a major issue.

The product should be your first concern. If you don’t have anything to offer then don’t start with any kind of fancy strategy. Product development and testing should be complete before any kind of campaigns start.

Also, you have to check the availability of resources. You may be great at content marketing as well as app development but it is important not to divert focus from the core objective.

If you are ready to begin marketing, it will be good that you hire the human resource you need and not use existing resources, as product maintenance and support are equally important.

#2 Now that you want content marketing, do you have a plan?

There are certain variables that you need to pre-define before starting out with any campaign. Otherwise, it is all an incessant cash burning adventure that ends well for no body.

Certain questions need answering like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where is your target audience located?
  • What is the potential size of the market you are looking to target?
  • Is your plan unique or just copy and paste?
  • Is your blog ideally set up?
  • Are your social media handles ready to take the plunge?
  • Which feedback metrics need to be evaluated?

The answers to these questions largely depend on the nature and niche of your app. Brainstorming key variables not only helps you to formulate a stellar plan but also fish out any roadblocks that you may have ignored.

#3 Correlate the entire thing with your long-term/short-term goals

Consider what is the ultimate end game. How are you looking at monetizing your app? Do you want to start selling it right away or wait for organic traction?

You have to see it as a marathon and not a 100-meter dash. Content Marketing may not be required so much if you are looking first for traffic. However, it may be essential in order to boost scales.

Solve every equation before you proceed!

5 Apps that NAILED Content Marketing

Content Marketing Apps

Now, I will share these 5 stellar examples where apps nailed their content marketing and the results were extremely satisfying!

#1 Lumosity – Unique Channel Authoritative Content

Google+ is a hidden gem for untapped marketing opportunities. Apart from some SEO value there is not much to gain because of different restrictions.

Lumosity on the other hand are using it t project a completely respectful and authoritative image by posting awesome images and interesting posts about the app and related brain training.

That is the ideal way to go. Post stellar content on a regular basis and allow the audience to come to you. Become the genuine information provider and not the quack that keeps promoting stuff!

#2 Fitbit – Breaking the stereotype

The usual picture with fitness and health advertising is that of sultry and perfect bodies laced with minimum spandex to give you just the brainwashing you need.

Fitbit, the mainstream fitness wearable maker is taking a different road altogether and yes it is the high road.

The Fitbit blog is extremely impressive with almost no promotional content and only all the relevant health tips, workout advice, health studies and more.

Modern day customers are not going to follow the pied piper kind of ad models. You have to facilitate them with relevant and actionable information that can really be used in making decisions (which later convert to purchase decisions).

This way, Fitbit creates an authority like no other. An authoritative and genuine provider will ultimately be the first choice as it has a permanent brand recall in your head.

#3 Minecraft – Leveraging Video

Talk about human-connect and the Minecraft guys got it bang on. Content marketing success largely revolves around connecting personally to the audience.

The parent YouTube channel Mojang posts videos of its live events. However, these clippings also contain footage from the game. What they lay stress on, is the engagement, which happens when gamers and players ask all kinds of questions about upcoming features.

The feeling of getting behind the scenes makes the experience enhanced.

Another important hack is keeping the entire content under one company name. By not creating a channel for each game, all the games benefit from the combined traffic!

Also, maintaining multiple channels can be extremely exhausting!


Content marketing helps when it is informational and not promotional. See this list of apps from Quytech that’s redefining the app industry with unique propositions. It generates results when it is based on engagement and not pushing sales on a short notice.

Therefore, take key insights from some simple yet stellar strategies that these apps have used and develop unique campaigns for your app.

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