Top 5 Techniques That Will Make Visitors Stay Even Longer

Every blogger out there blogs for his audience, a blog or website gets its status from the number of visitors. More the number of visits more is the appreciation. Isn’t that simple. Every webmaster wants to make visitors stay even longer than they used to and keep coming back. You can do this by either improving on your content quality or including more graphics to it, etc.

make blog visitors stays even longer

Here I have listed the five major techniques you can use to make  visitors stay even longer-

  1. Always Write For your Targeted Audience And Use Language that Everyone can carve out

Often in the intention of making the blogs too, informative writers tend to make the post really long. Now no one has got such patience or time to give that much time to a single post.

So even if your content is getting long try to make it easier for your readers by adding the table of contents and summary. Maybe you could add a TLDR at the end of the post just to let your readers know about its lengthiness.

Now supposedly you are covering different sections of a particular topic in your article. In such cases rather than expecting readers to read through the whole post to find out their actual requirement, give them the option so that they can directly go to the required section without any fuss. For example, you can add a handy menu right after the introduction with the help of which they can skip to wherever they want throughout the article with the linking of the sub-headings provided in the menu.

  1. Try To Solve The Problems of Your Visitors Through Your Posts

For some websites, there is no option other than lengthy posts. They genuinely have a lot of information to get across to their readers. But just dumping all the information on the page would not be easy to read. You can instead serve your information in an accordion style format. If you are familiar with it, it is a collapsible type format and can be very handy.In the meanwhile, your post must be SEO optimised for the same there are few recommended SEO tools i.e. Yoast SEO, for keyword research one can us SEMRUSH, FERZY etc.

make visitors even stay longer

These are mostly used on the FAQs page of a website where there can be numerous probable questions readers can come up with. Now it is quite difficult to present all the questions with their respective answers on a single page without making it too long and people losing the overview. In this, you just put up the heading/question and the reader can just click on it to open it.

  1. Add Perfect Sized Images To look Your content more Visual

The design really matters when it comes to making a great first impression online. For this, you do not have to be a great graphics designer. Just put some simple images to your blog post to break those huge walls of text.Sometimes you may gain visitors from your images too. So not only it enhances the design of your contents but also it will bring you visitors.

  1. Sharing is Caring, So make it shareable in your circle

Make sure you have social sharing buttons on your website and to make it more interesting and shareable you can add tweet-able quotes too. It lets you highlight parts of your post and making quotes at the same time.

make visitors stay even longer

  1. Handle Your Visitors Attentions And manage Where They Should go next

It is often while reading a post the readers do not have idea where to go next or which post to follow, what details should they know more. They are looking for more and unless you provide it to them beforehand you lose them. Add links to your other blogs relevant to the topic


Hope these techniques will surely help you to make visitors stay even longer,there is a general fact among bloggers that  more a visitor spends time on your page the better it is for your ranking as Google watches the dwell time of a link for its query. Customer acquisition and retention are important for the market sales.

If you have any queries feel free to ask by commenting below.

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