10 Negative Beliefs that Guarantee Blogging Failure and How to Dissolve them

Blogging failure comes masked in sneaky, insidious limiting beliefs.

If you’re disgusted with ramming into the same online roadblocks repeatedly you probably subscribe to 1 – or 10 – of the following limiting beliefs.

Don’t worry; by patiently dissecting each belief you can experience the joy and jubilation of building a full time, professional blogging career.

In order to let go these lower energies set aside time for serious introspection.

The blogging truth will set you free only after you own these limiting beliefs for you need to face, embrace and release these mental demons to chart your blogging course for more successful waters.


1: Ignoring Popular Advice Because it’s Boring/Not Sexy


I spotted this limiting belief recently when responding to a comment.

The commenting blogger felt the advice I offered was the same old, boring, unoriginal advice he’d seen before in regards to profiting through Twitter.

Simple = Powerful = 44 K Followers

I have 44,000 followers on Twitter.

I have also built a profitable blogging business through Twitter while circling the globe.

Established, full time bloggers build their sites on simple, basic, timeless fundamentals.

Sexy = complex = struggles = failure.

Simple = proven = powerful = successful.


2: Believing it’s Better to Hang with Bottom Feeders Because You Can Relate with Them


Kick bottom feeders to the curb.

Exit Facebook Groups rife with complainers.

Leave the struggling, angry, jealous bloggers behind.

Release enablers to make room for empowering people to spur you on.

Surround yourself only with the most successful bloggers from your niche.

Learn from the best.

Become the best.


3: Expecting Successful Bloggers to Wait on You Hand and Foot


Successful bloggers are successful for a reason: they know how to delegate tasks and more importantly, they understand the concept of empowerment.

You can serve someone fish for a temporary, fleeting relief to their hunger or you can teach them how to fish, to empower the individual for the rest of their lives.

Stop pestering bloggers who engage hundreds of thousands of people daily.

These people have taught you how to fish/blog for years through their free blog posts. Now it’s up to you to use the information.

If you do want private, 1 to 1 time with such successes pay for their services to receive the attention you crave.

These folks generally give away valuable freebies for years through their blogs.

Now it’s time for you to pay up – or shut up – to access their expert skills.


4: Believing it’s Difficult to Make Money through Blogging


Making money through blogging is simple.

Making money through blogging is not particularly difficult.

But most bloggers believe otherwise because they cling to weird beliefs around money.

John Chow makes over $100,000 a month through his blog.

He worked persistently and intelligently but he also continues to shatter the paradigm that prospering through blogging is impossible or super hard.

Parents, siblings, friends and the general public impress many zany, negative, limiting beliefs on your mind when you’re a kid. Especially in regards to money.

Face, embrace and release deeply held fears related to running out of money.

Proceed from an abundant, relaxed space.

Meditate for 10 minutes daily to expand your awareness.

Meditating regularly helps you uncover the confining, false beliefs you may hold in regards to money.


5: Believing You’re Not Good Enough to Land Guest Posts on High Profile Blogs


Every blogger on earth can land guest posts on tops blogs but few ever do.


Most bloggers don’t believe they are good enough to land such sweet gigs.

Here’s how to dissolve this limiting belief: write 1,000 to 2,000 words daily for practice.

Hone your writing skills. Find your writing voice. Boost your confidence. Land guest post spots on top blogs.

This issue isn’t a confidence problem; it’s a writing problem.

Practice writing to guest post more frequently on top blogs.

I felt terrified to submit guest posts to top blogs a few years ago due to worthiness. I eventually decided to write a few thousand words to 10,000 words daily to gain confidence in my writing.

Now I publish 2 posts to Blogging Tips weekly.

The practice precedes the breakthrough.


6: Ignoring Proven Advice Because it Feels Uncomfortable to Follow that Course


I ignored both list building and guest posting for years because each activity felt highly uncomfortable to me.

No way could I deal with seeing no new subscribers on my email list after a week of hard work.

I hated being criticized and chose not to “waste my time” by submitting guest posts that would be rejected or picked apart by critical, successful bloggers.

My struggles eventually forced me to build a list and to submit guest posts to top blogs.

Accept this fact: growing is hellishly uncomfortable at times.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable doing blogging stuff sometimes you’re not going anywhere of note.


7: Manipulating Readers into Sending You Money


Most struggling bloggers try to manipulate their readers into sending them money through desperate, forced methods.

blogging failure

Even bloggers who generate a high income online may still fall prey to this insidious limiting belief based on lack and limitation.

Devote all of your creative energies to helping your followers.

If you feel the urge to manipulate them by being dishonest simply take a deep breath, relax and think of how you can better serve your readers.

Move from “trying to get” to helping a human being with their biggest problems.

Be clear, be honest, be transparent, be helpful and you will never attempt to manipulate your readers ever again.

David Boozer is a teacher, first and foremost.

He’s a heart-centered internet marketer who makes a fabulous living through his blog and consulting business because he regularly helps, instructs, assists and empowers in an empowering way.


8: Working *Against* Versus *With* Top Bloggers in Your Niche


A rising blogging tide lifts all successful bloggers with it.

Unfortunately, some bloggers believe in the idea of competition.

In an abundant universe the idea of competition is impossible.

Work with top bloggers. Promote the top bloggers in your niche. Feature blogging big dawgs to build bonds with pros.

You will go as far as your friend network takes you.


9: Depending Only on 1 Blogging Income Stream


Some bloggers put all their eggs into one basket.

After tripping and dropping the basket – losing that income stream through a Google update, social media shift or through some other turn of events – the eggs break and the blogger becomes financially broke.

Do not depend on 1 income stream.

Open multiple streams of income to guard against any unforeseen changes that may adversely affect any one stream

Become a freelance writer. Write and self publish eBooks on Amazon KDP. Convert the eBooks to audio books. Become a blog coach. Accept sponsored posts.

Add one income stream every 3 to 6 months to ensure you’re learning the ropes sufficiently.

I once read how personal development guru Bob Proctor established a staggering 219 income streams through his self help empire.

This may be extreme but if you’re not making money through 5 or 10 channels you run the risk of struggling financially when those streams close up over time because change is the one constant.


10: Believing in the “Volume Approach” of Blogging


The number of blogging tasks you complete daily means nothing.

The energy behind each blogging task you complete means everything.

If you spend 18 hours today posting your blogging course squeeze page on 300 plus Facebook Groups while I wrote, edited and submitted this guest post on an authority blog, who spent today positioning themselves to be more successful?

Step away from the desperate, strained, failure-producing volume approach of blogging.

Manage your energy.

Engage in high energy, effective, leveraging blogging activities to improve the quality of your offerings.





Are you plagued by any of these limiting beliefs?


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