3 Ways Design Startups are Using Pinterest to Gain a Wider Audience

It takes a lot for a social media site to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is doing it, and it’s with the help of designers. It’s no secret that people are photo-driven, and nothing is more engaging than a stunning or shocking photo. That’s the basis for Pinterest, and it’s why you have to be on there.

Maybe you’re a designer for a company or you’re freelancing it. Your success depends on your visibility, or more specifically the visibility of your work. Perhaps you make sculptures from construction machinery or design business cards from recycled materials. No matter what kind of designer you are, there’s (literally) a world of possibilities out there.

Using Pinterest for Business

1. Get to Know Your Audience

Your potential fan base is phenomenally larger than it currently is. Maybe you’ve had some success on Facebook, but people don’t go to Facebook to discover fantastic designs. That’s what Pinterest is for. When you’re pinning photos of your designs, you’re letting the entire Pinterest community re-pin and spread your name for you.

Pinterest has about 100 million active users and 176 million registered users. That’s an incredible amount of exposure you’re missing out on. If just half a percent of those people see your pins, still millions of people. If just a tiny percent of those people reach out to you, that’s some serious business.

2. Reaching Above and Beyond

No matter what your current audience is made up from, you can do better. You can be more diverse and reach people who don’t use Facebook regularly, have a Twitter account or browse Google for non-business related things. Some people prefer Pinterest over anything else, and you need to meet their needs. The only way to do so is to pin, and pin regularly.

It’s important that you use SEO to improve the rankings of your website. However, you don’t have much say if you don’t even have your own website. There’s also only so much room on the first two pages of Google, so you might not get there (no matter how much you try with SEO). If you’re not easily found on Google, you nearly don’t exist.

3. Finding Your Stride

Pinterest gives you a niche crevice of the internet to shine. It doesn’t matter how solid your SEO skills are right now. All that matters is that you post interesting photos that others find pin-worthy. This is how you can make a name for yourself as a designer, and you’re being judged solely on the worth of your talent.

You will also reach Pinterest users who happen upon your pin by chance. They might be perusing flower photos and be in need of a freelance designer. Your photo might catch their eye by chance, and you just got a new client. Start pinning, and see what sharing here can do for you (and your business).

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