How to Build a Profitable Blog through Twitter

Are you confused about how to build a profitable blog through Twitter?

The non-stop, rapid-fire tweet nature of the platform can intimidate even seasoned bloggers.

By following a few steps you can cut through the confusion to set a foundation for increasing your blogging profits on Twitter.


1: Tweet on Topic


Tweet with a plan in mind.

Tweet on topic to send a loud, clear message to your following.

A blogging tips blogger would predominantly tweet blogging tips themed blog posts and text-only updates.

Become an expert in one area by getting clear on your ideal twitter follower.

Build your authority and maximize your blogging profits by tweeting on topic.

Some Twitter followers will gladly:

  • Buy your eBooks
  • Buy your audio books
  • Hire you for your services
  • Purchase your audio course

…if you establish your expertise in one area by tweeting on topic.


2: Use Hashtags (Sometimes)


Add hashtags to some tweets to drive targeted traffic to your Twitter account.

Hashtags lend a targeted element to your tweeting campaign.

Jeff Bullas uses hashtags frequently to draw in a targeted, engaged following.

how to build a profitable blog through twitter

Some tweeters may look for helpful personal development tweets by searching for hashtags like:

  • #selfhelp
  • #personaldevelopment

Add hashtags to a few of your tweets each day to drive a steady flow of targeted, buying Twitter traffic to your profile page.


3: @Reply Your Retweeters


Reply to your retweeters.

Build trust.

Maximize your blogging earnings potential by forming bonds with your most loyal fans.

I @reply my retweeters and followers frequently on Twitter.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 12.00.42 PM

Give love to tweeters who show you the most love. These tweeters will inspire their Twitter followings to retweet your stuff which expands your presence on the platform.

Trust is the #1 currency in the blogging profits game.

Earn trust by actively engaging your retweeters with the @reply button.

Until you generate 50 retweets or more daily engage every retweeter to build bonds with your audience.


4: Retweet Influential Bloggers from Your Niche


Share helpful, relevant content from authority bloggers to build your authority.

Craft your Twitter stream into a valued, niche-specific resource.

Build your reputation. Develop prospering bonds with successful bloggers.

Most of your blogging profits will grow from the collective efforts of successful bloggers you befriend through various channels like Twitter, Facebook, G Plus, blog commenting and guest posting.

Make friends with blogging pros. Learn from these influencers.

Generously share their content to form mutually beneficial partnerships with these blogging experts.


5: Focus on Connections over Clout


Concentrate on building 1 to 1 connections over trying to become an influencer.

Respond to individuals to gradually grow your friend network on the platform.

Sam Hurley is a master at forming intimate, immensely powerful 1 to 1 connections on Twitter.

Follow his account to better understand where the greatest blogging profits reside: in the individual bonds you build with other tweeters.

Form bonds with fellow tweeters one person at a time to expand your reach and to maximize your blogging profit potential.


6: DM New Followers


Greet new followers with a manual, personalized direct message.

Punctuate the message with a link to your blog.

Sample message:

“Thanks for connecting with me John.

Short and punchy works with DMs. Long messages don’t work with DMs.

As your follower count increases – or if you’re already attracting 10 to 100 followers daily – send personalized DMs to just a few new followers.


7:  Schedule Tweets to Reach Your Readers


Use Twitter’s new Dashboard app to schedule tweets for your readers.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 12.18.02 PM

If most of your readers live in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States consider tweeting new blog posts at 8 AM.

Cater tweets to maximize your blog visibility.

Consider using 3rd party apps like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or SocialOomph for more robust solutions.


8: Tweet Text-Only Updates


Smart bloggers tweet text-only updates to:

  • Establish authority
  • Solidify their expertise
  • Boost retweets

Tweeting links all day long sends off a strained, desperate, traffic-greedy vibe guaranteed to repel influential followers who could expand your Twitter presence quickly.

Take your foot off of the “blogging link” pedal once in a while.

Tweet text-only links addressing your reader’s pain points.

Ask questions.

Share answers.

See Twitter for what it is: a microblogging platform best used to both share links and 140 character text updates to solve your reader’s most pressing problems.


9 : Persist


I had 1 Twitter follower nearly a decade ago.

My current day 44,000 follower, engaged following grew through the power of persistence.


Remember why you’re tweeting.

Think about all the people you’ll help while enjoying your blogging niche.

Attract a targeted, engaged, ever growing Twitter following to set the foundation for a profitable, successful blog.

Follow each of the above tips daily to build your blogging profits through Twitter.


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