10 Smart Onsite Marketing Tips for Your Blog

When it comes to marketing tips for your blog, onsite techniques seem to be the bratty little kid in the family.

Everybody likes the well-behaved older child – offsite, commonly followed marketing tactics – but the onsite stuff is annoying, agitating and generally ignored by most bloggers.

If you neglect the bratty little kid you can expect big problems down the road.


Marketing Tips for Your Blog


Ditto for ignoring your onsite blog marketing.

Follow each tip below to increase organic, passive promotion on your blog.

If you publish a polished, easy to share post you won’t have to go batty promoting it across hundreds of channels. Your raving readership will do that for you.


1: Market Other Bloggers by Linking to Trusted Resources


Link to trusted resources to market your blog.

marketing tips for your blog

Linking to trusted, relevant blogs from your niche:

  • Encourages influential bloggers to market your blog, expanding your reach
  • Makes your blog by shareable by boosting your credibility

I bring along 2 to 5 influential bloggers for the ride every time I write a guest post or post on Blogging From Paradise.

Blogging big dawgs make your blog look good and also will freely promote you to their massive, engaged, targeted followings.


2: Align Your Blog


Align every element on your blog with your topic.

A “blogging tips” blogger needs to align their:

  • Domain name
  • Blog title
  • Blog tagline
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Ads
  • Footer
  • Sidebar
  • Images

…and anything on their blogs with their topic.

Readers tend to promote aligned, clear blogs centered on one specific topic.


3: Pay for a Professional Looking Blog Theme


Invest your money in a marketable blog.

Pay a professional designer to craft an eye-catching blogging brand.

I recently had my blog redesigned to create a more professional-looking brand.

During this period 3 of my blog posts reached page 1 of Google, 2 for the competitive keywords:

  • “How to rank on page 1 of google”
  • “How to submit a guest post”

Clean up your presentation to nab more social media and bookmarking site shares.

Invest in professional design.


4: Write 1000 Words a Day


Set aside time to write 1000 words daily in a Word doc for practice.

Practice your writing to hone your voice.

Readers freely promote well-written, quality blog posts.

Make your blog share-worthy. Practice writing to add power to your words.


5: Write for One Reader to Target Your Audience


Visualize your ideal reader before writing your blog posts.

Resonate with the one individual who hangs on your every word by hitting on their pain points.

See the wants, needs and problems of your perfect reader. Address this person by speaking specifically to them through your posts.

Attract a raving fan base of brand advocates by helping one person with a clear set of needs each time you publish a post.

Brand advocates will expand your online reach far and wide.


6: Be You and Write from this Authentic Space


Writing 1000 words daily is not enough to make your blog shine like a beacon in the night.

Integrate your story into your blog to make your cyber real estate more marketable.

John Chow delivers with a simple, powerful, in your face writing style seen nowhere else online. He built a world-renowned blogging brand by being an authentic blogger.

Be you. Write how the genuine you wants to write. Release your deep fear of criticism. Obliterate your fear of failure.

Your readers want to promote a one-of-a-kind blog.

Give your readers want they want.


7: Share Social Proof


Show off social proof to inspire readers to promote your blog, to join the party.

Tim Ferriss works social proof into his blog. His currently listed exploits include 80,000,000 plus podcast downloads and 2.500 5-star podcast reviews.

Screenshot 2016-08-20 at 12.28.51 PM

Getting your blog shared is easier if you sway readers to share it with ample social proof.

If you’re a new or struggling blogger with no social proof to share double down on tips 1-6. Dedicate yourself to building a successful, marketable blog to draw in more readers, features and guest post opportunities.


8: Give Away Freebies to Grow Your Email List


Offer freebies to grow your email list.

List subscribers read your posts.

If the posts deliver you’ll see an increase in social shares.

I give away a free blogging eBook every Friday.

As my list grows I am recruiting an army of promoters who share my posts on social media.

One of my recent posts generated 353 social shares because readers are increasingly receiving my posts through email so they can read and promote my latest articles.

Entice your readers with your free giveaway.

Does your list freebie address their specific pain points? Match your free eBook, webinar or report with your reader’s most pressing problems to grow your list.

Market your blog by attracting a group of email subscribers who happily promote your blog for you.


9: Build a Resource


Create a thorough, in-depth resource for every post you publish.

Resources get shared most frequently.

Astoundingly thorough blog posts generate a dizzying number of social shares.

Neil Patel drives his promotional campaign by publishing in-depth, carefully-researched resources. He never scrimps.

Since his readers enjoy sharing his valuable posts on social media he never lacks for social shares.


10: Call Readers to Share on Social


Promote your blog by asking readers to promote your blog.

Clearly ask for shares on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest at the end of your blog posts.

Nudge your audience to market your blog for you.

Adding a clear call to action boosts your social shares easily.

Marketing your blog the right way doesn’t need to be a Herculean task.

Follow these onsite tips to boost your shares before you even do any off site legwork.

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