5 Issues Bogging Your Company’s Customer Service Down

Even with the best products, a business with poor customer service won’t last long. Today’s customers not only refuse to return to a bad business, but they post negative reviews that remain online indefinitely. If even the biggest company continues to neglect customer service, eventually the negative reviews will scare the vast majority of customers away.

It’s important to recognize as early as possible the behaviors that can hurt your business. Here are five things your customer service team may be doing to unravel all of the hard work you’ve put into growing your brand.

Failure to Listen

Failure to listen is a serious problem facing customer service teams. When customers have to explain the same issue to multiple people, they perceive that no one is listening. In addition, your customer service representatives waste time. It’s important to have software in place that tracks every customer service call and instruct representatives to read a customer’s history before taking a call.

No Follow-Up

Each call should initiate a ticket, which then is tracked through resolution. If a ticket lingers for too long, it should automatically be escalated to someone who will follow up quickly. When a customer is particularly unhappy, employees should be instructed to escalate those calls to an upper-level manager who has the authority to offer free products or services to remedy the situation.

Inflexible Rules

Every business has policies, but it’s important to give your customer service teams wiggle room when a customer is unhappy. If you require a manager to process ecash refunds within your software, make sure your service representatives can escalate calls to those managers in a timely manner. It’s important to avoid a situation where your representative stubbornly states that something “is company policy,” since those words can alienate customers.

Lack of Issue Tracking

In today’s mobile-driven environment, it’s important to have the ability to monitor incoming calls from wherever you are. Search for incident tracking software that lets you check in from anywhere and route or update tickets. You’ll avoid a ticket being delayed because someone was out of the office. This also opens up your business to be able to hire remote customer representatives who work from home, saving your business money.

Long Hold Times

Before they’ve even spoken to a representative, customers can already be alienated by long hold times. If you can’t afford to hire multiple service representatives to man phones 24/7, use software to offer customers the option of getting a call back when the next representative is available. They simply press “1” when prompted, then hang up and wait for the phone to ring. They’re still waiting, but at least they won’t spend the minutes that follow listening to cheesy hold music.

If your business has poor customer service, you’ll have difficulty building lasting relationships with the people who buy from you. By avoiding common pitfalls, you can build a team that connects with customers and leaves them with a good impression of your business. This will encourage them to become loyal customers who support you through repeat purchases and positive reviews.


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