3 Ways Freelance Writers Can Make Money Online Today

Writing is a special and skilled task. However, the concept of being a “paid” writer is something that has changed a lot over the past several years. The the past, if you wanted to make money with writing you only had a few options — you would need to be a hired writer for a company or agency, write a book and get it published or find a job that hired you for the type of writing skills you had (such as legal work). Now today the game has completely changed, and there is actually no need to attend college to get your Masters in English if you wanted to start earning money as a freelance or professional writer, especially if you are focusing on just online work.

In this article, we are going to highlight three different ways anyone can start making money online, just by writing. Keep in mind, the better the writer you are… the more you will likely earn in the process. At the same time, don’t expect to make a ton of money overnight, but there are many different resources for you to start earning $10-$20+ per day.


Start a Resource Blog or Website

Of the many different ways to make money online, starting a website or a blog is one of my favorite. With the concept of writing and content creation in mind, you won’t necessarily be getting paid for each article you write, but you will be building something that grows in size and value over time. The resource above is great for writers and content creators who might be looking to start a blog but haven’t successfully figured out how to make money with one yet.

Write for Freelance Job Marketplaces

With over a billion active sites on the internet, there is a never-ending need for new content. This means that companies, businesses, and brands of all sizes are using writing job sites like UpWork, TextBroker and iWriter to outsource their content writing. It’s great for businesses and even better for freelance writers who are looking to make some good money on the site, while also providing valuable content in the process.

When you create profiles on each of these sites, you will actually build up your skill level, history and how much you can charge for each article as well. The better the writer you are, the more you can make. If you do end up joining each of these sites, there is no reason why you couldn’t start earning $20 a day writing articles right away. Also don’t forget to make sure all of your content is written with SEO best practices in mind.

In addition to writing for freelance job marketplaces, there are also many individual writing services that hire out as well. For example, it’s quite possible to earn good money as a freelance writer for any well-known essay writing service, as they are always looking to add new writers to their directory. The average compensation on article writing on their sites ranges from $5 to $14 per page. Native English writers will likely earn more, as articles and writers are ranked and reviewed based off their skills. The higher the rating, the higher the revenue per article. Some writers on the site already have over 100 orders completed, resulting in thousands of dollars in earnings.

Build a Portfolio and Take on Premium Freelance Work

As mentioned earlier, there is always going to be a need for premium writers and content creation online. With this in mind, it would be a great idea for every professional writer to start building out their own website as a resume for work they’ve completed.

Writing on freelance job sites is great, but you can earn much more if you start your own content writing services. Build up a solid portfolio, spend the necessary time to outreach to different companies and charge a premium for your best work possible. To help with this process and getting your name out there, it’s a good idea to spend some time on guest blogging for other sites in your niche. Of all the methods mentioned, this is one of the best long-term solutions — which can also bring in recurring customer revenue month after month.

The internet has quickly changed the way we all run our lives and how business is done around the world. At the same time it’s also changed how people make money online and their earning potentials — with no further education required.

To make the most of your freelance and professional writing services, be sure to implement each of the methods above into your daily habits. There is a whole world of content writers out there fighting for business, make sure your content is amazing and that your prices are competitive!

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