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Trying to get your point across with a giant mountain of text likely isn’t going to be very effective, even if you’re wading deep in the world of academia. While you certainly need some substance to your argument, visualizing the information for your audience can make it a lot easier for them to understand and appreciate what you’re trying to say.

For decades, PowerPoint has been the de facto standard for an array of different presentations, but the default templates can leave something to be desired. That’s why it’s so useful that you can uncover thousands of free PowerPoint templates to suit just about any style, any content and any audience.

Now You’re Pointing with Power

One of the more comprehensive online resources for this purpose is the appropriately named Free PowerPoint Templates. There, you’ll find more than 8,000 presentation templates covering a range of design possibilities.


The site design is meant to be simple, straightforward and easy to navigate. You’ll find all of the key navigation along the top of the page to help you find just the right PowerPoint presentation template for your particular needs.

You can sift through the different themes available, browse through the top rated templates, dig into the different categories, look through the tags, or search based on the color scheme that you want. With thousands of templates at your disposal, you’ll surely find one that’s perfect for your sales presentation, investor’s meeting, or class project.

The Right Template for the Job

And that’s a very big point to remember here. Many people have come to associate PowerPoint solely with the corporate environment for quarterly reports and sales calls, but Free PowerPoint Templates also contains a wealth of educational PowerPoint templates for your academic needs too.


These templates run the gamut for age appropriate content, starting with designs that may be more suitable for younger audiences in an elementary school context, for example, and going all the way up into higher education with college and university-oriented templates.

The primary target audience for these types of templates would be teachers and instructors, helping to make day-to-day lectures and lessons more interesting for their students. Similarly, students may find that using creative PowerPoint templates can really liven up their presentations as part of any class projects they may have. These templates are certainly more appealing than the plain color backgrounds that populate far too many class presentations.

While these templates are being listed as being for PowerPoint, they’re also compatible with other similar presentation software like Keynote and OpenOffice. You don’t need the official Microsoft software in order to run a fantastic and professional-looking presentation. You’ll notice that each slide can have a slightly different design while retaining the same overall theme. High-quality images can be found throughout.

But what if you already made your presentation with a generic theme? Do you have to start all over if you want to use a new template? In most cases, the answer is no. It will depend on a number of circumstances (so make sure you save a separate copy just in case), but you can oftentimes transfer the content from your own presentation to one with the new template just using some quick copying-and-pasting from within PowerPoint.

Creative Visualizations for Professionals

You can certainly choose to utilize one of the more basic templates for ease of use, but it is important to note that many of the templates come with several more unique features too. You’ll find PowerPoint presentation themes, animations and even circular diagrams to use within your presentations.


Remember that visualizing this information can really drive the point home far more effectively than if you simply have a list of bullet points. Leverage the use of colors to present your data in a more visually appealing way. You’ll notice that these templates go beyond just a regular pie chart to provide more stunning looks for the information you are trying to convey.

I particularly like the designs with overlapping content, since it really shows how all the elements can tie back into one another. The circular design is also great for showing anything that much be cyclical in nature.


Another great way to consider what might be possible for your next presentation is to browse through the continually updated list of featured templates and most rated templates. These can be found toward the bottom of the main page. You can see just how varied these designs are and they can really speak to your particular personality and message.

There are seasonal designs that can be appropriate for particular times of the year, livelier designs for more upbeat information, free diagrams and graphs to organize your data in a more digestible form and more. And the best part is that all of these downloads are 100% free, so you can come back any time to get more templates to freshen up your presentations now and into the future.

More Resources for PowerPoint Presentations

There’s no reason to think that PowerPoint is going anywhere anytime soon. Even as we move increasingly to an online format to reach wider and wider audiences, your presentations can still take on a new and relevant life. They’re perfect for in-person presentations, of course, but they can also be shared online through services like YouTube and SlideShare.

Instead of wasting hours and hours of your time coming up with original designs for your PowerPoint presentations, simply choose from the thousands of free options at You’ll save time, save effort, and easily convert your slides to whatever format you might need. Your audience will surely be impressed as they’ll never know that you got these for free in the first place.

And if the over 8,000 presentation templates there aren’t enough to whet your appetite for beautiful slides, you might check out too. The library there is nowhere near as extensive, but it could help to spark some imagination and creativity for you.

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