5 Examples of How Bloggers are Using Video to Increase Engagement

When it comes to creating content online, it’s all about engagement. It doesn’t matter if it’s text, infographics, images or video… you must provide your audience with something they find value in or they are simply going to leave your site and never come back.

With this in mind, today we are going to look at five different ways you can start using video to not only increase engagement with your audience but also provide a higher level quality of content as well. Online video is also one of the best ways to deliver online courses, live events and turn boring data into exciting animated videos — all of which I’ll be covering in detail below.With more people using mobile devices and spending less time on actually reading content,

With more people using mobile devices and spending less time on actually reading content, video is simply the way to go. See how many of these methods you can implement into your blogging and content marketing.

Create Tutorial and Training Based Videos

A great majority of blogs on the internet are focused on teaching others how to accomplish specific tasks. This is especially true in the world of “how to make money blogging” and “WordPress resource” sites. With that in mind, how many articles do we really need on how to start a blog, installing WordPress and everything in between? A better way to approach this, and all tutorial-based content, is to create

A better way to approach this (and all tutorial-based content) is to create original videos to complement our written text articles. This works especially well if you are the name and brand behind the content you create.

Not only will this provide your audience with a visual resource that they can also follow along with, it will also open up a whole new traffic source through YouTube and other video platforms. No matter what you are teaching through your content, adding video training is a great resource your audience will love.

A perfect example of this would be made whiteboard video that was created for Blogging.org.

Live Stream Your Events and Training

Webinars, podcasting, tutorials and expert interviews… it’s all about creating premium content and live streaming events these days.

At the same time, we are seeing more marketing experts and bloggers coming out with their own mastermind and mini conference events. While it’s a great way to provide value to everyone who can physically attend your event, you are simply missing out on massive audiences and additional revenue (selling online access) by not live-streaming these events as they happen. This is something TedX has recently done over the years and they’ve seen amazing results.

When it comes time to finding a high-end solution to live stream events and conferences, Blue Jeans has been a name that continually comes up as a major player. Not only do they have live streaming solutions for events of all sizes, they also have online video collaboration services for corporate training as well.

As mentioned, TedX is one of the most well known and widely scaled entrepreneur speaking events in the world today. Instead of keeping their content limited to attendees only, now many of their events are live streamed across the internet.

Build and Sell an Online Video Courses

In addition to creating original video content to accompany any existing articles or tutorials you may have on your site, another great way to use video is for premium teachings and online courses.

This is something online marketers and entrepreneurs have been doing for years now, but thanks to sites like Udemy, it’s now easier than ever to create a few videos, throw it together and call it a course. Best of all, sites like Udemy do all the tedious work for you, such as collecting payments, hosting the video courses and even some promotion to their own network of users as well.


Want to see what’s possible through online courses and video course marketplaces? Feel free to check out my 30 blogging video course on Udemy… it’s only $14!

Increase Conversions with Pre-Sell and Explainer Video

If you’ve ever done anything with affiliate marketing, digital sales or landing pages, you’ve likely come across the concept of explainer videos. If not, you can watch the short video below as an example.

Explainer videos work extremely well for converting audiences into paying customers. The reason why these videos work so well is because they have a well thought out script (sales copy) that is actually delivered through videos that are engaging to audiences.

Most of the time, explainer videos are seen with a hand holding a pen and drawing on a whiteboard, but they actually come in all different forms and concepts. No matter what you are selling online, there is a good chance an explainer video can increase your engagement and conversions across the board.

Turn Text Content into Videos

The majority of bloggers and brands on the internet today are so focused on creating text content and articles for their sites, that many of them forget about providing a great user experience in the process. Text is great… but there is only so much that someone is willing to read!.

With more people now wanting instant gratification and having less time than ever to read articles, converting your existing text articles into videos is a great way to keep existing and attract new audiences.

A perfect example of this would be if you had an infographic and you wanted to bring it to life through video. Infographics are one of the best ways to transform boring data into high-quality images that people love to share. Now imagine what they would do with an infographic-based video!

To learn more about the process of turning your content into video, check out these other examples of infographics being brought to life.

Video is the Future…Will You Be Part of It?

Text-based articles and content are here to stay, but there is also a major shift taking place in how information is consumed on the internet today. Google loves interactive and engaging content that is loaded with different methods of delivery (images, video, infographics) and more people are using mobile devices for browsing than ever before.

No matter who your audience is, or what type of content they are looking for — be sure to start using video within your content creation and marketing efforts. Apply just one (or all) of these methods into your existing blog or business and see how it performs for you!

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