Is Your Website’s Traffic Stagnant? Here Are 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Traffic 

Are you struggling with low website traffic?

Don’t know how to get more search engine traffic to your blogs or websites?

Don’t worry. Let me help you with this article where you will discover 5 of the easiest ways to jumpstart your overall blog traffic.

First things first. Here are 2 major reasons why majority of the bloggers don’t get much traffic.

  1. Not targeting the right keywords
  2. Wrongly assuming that the content alone can give them more traffic

If you are doing any one among them, you will find it really hard to get more visitors to read or buy your stuff. So let’s dive into the details and find out how you can boost your website traffic.

Low website traffic? Try these 5 tips

Stunting Your Growth

#1. Turn your blog into an extremely helpful resource

There’s a reason why successful blogs are successful. They are successful and profitable because of their incredible content and products that add huge value to the community.

Without providing value, who cares? No one shows interest in buying your products or recommending your blog unless you are giving too much value.

So make your blog a knowledge source, a place where people can learn something new and solve their own problems.

Here are few practical ways to make your blog a one stop source for all your target audience.

  • Write down your blog’s USP (Unique Selling Point). You should know how to make your blog stand out from the gazillion of blogs out there. Without a USP, it’s almost impossible to make others listen to you or buy your stuff.
  • Make your blog’s content easy to share. You can use sharing plugins such as Digg Digg, Flares etc to make your content easily shared by your readers. Also, always ask your readers to leave comments and share your posts. If they really like your content, they will do what you ask for.
  • Write better content for other blogs. Most beginners write the best articles for themselves. What if you start writing awesome guest posts? Not only you will get quality links but you will also get more online exposure to your content.
  • Understand your audience better than they understand themselves. The key to build a highly profitable blog is to target the right audience and knowing their wants and needs.
  • Make sure to get a reliable hosting. After all, no one likes a slow loading site while skimming through your content.
  • Develop a writing voice. Write in a friendly tone. Don’t use buzzwords. Write as you talk. The more simple words you use the better it is for you to build a larger blog audience.
  • Invest time. Don’t think that blogging is a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build blog audience. It takes time to get traffic from search engines. It takes time to start making money from your blogging efforts. See blogging as a long time investment, not as a sprint. You will surely succeed then.

#2. Keywords, keywords and keywords

search curve

Did you know the secret to getting massive traffic from Google?

It is choosing the right keywords and optimizing your blog posts for those keywords. It’s that simple, really!

Whether you know it or not, keyword research is the ONLY quickest way to bring traffic to any blog (it doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand new blog or an authority site).

Ask yourself this question: “when was the last time I did keyword research”.

If it was a long time ago or if you haven’t done keyword research at all, then there’s no surprise you are not getting any traffic from Google. If you want to change things upside down and bring more traffic from Google, start finding better keywords before writing posts from now on.

Here are few keyword research tips that will help you find golden keywords that increase your traffic and sales.

  • Normal keyword research is not enough. You need to find long tail keywords that are specific to your blog topics and audience. Always give top priority to the keywords with 4 or more keywords in it (for instance, “how to increase your car mileage”) to outrank your competitors.
  • Always ask yourself “what questions my target audience might type on Google” to find me while doing keyword research. It gives tons of keyword research ideas that are both profitable and can send you massive search traffic.
  • Use tools like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro, Google’s Keyword Planner to do a better keyword research. These tools can help you determine the volume of the keywords you want to target. By focusing on finding the low volume keywords (within 2000 monthly searches), you can quickly increase your search traffic by writing informative contents around them.
  • Keyword difficulty is another important factor to keep in mind while doing keyword research. Don’t aim for short tail keywords such as SEO, SEO tips etc as they won’t help you in increasing your search traffic. Also, don’t aim for high volume keywords (with more than 2000 – 5000 monthly searches) as they take time and lots of SEO efforts to get into top 10 search results.

#3. Make Quora your new friend

Quora is basically a Q & A (Question and Answers) platform which has millions of users worldwide. The best thing that makes Quora so incredible platform is its users. Majority of the users are so intellectual and you will find great answers ranging from science to computers to Internet to Mars. That’s the beauty of Quora.

Once you sign up for Quora, add all the interested subjects where you have skills.

Start answering the questions and include links to your own sites if you have any related information.

The more value you provide with your answers the more upvotes and comments you will get. Once you start actively writing answers on it, you will start getting more followers and your overall online reputation will also increase.

You can also include bio and mention your blog details to increase your traffic from Quora. If you have not used it yet, I highly recommend you to start using it and start writing answers that can help your target audience.

All in all, Quora is the biggest platform for you to increase your site’s exposure and build your own brand really quickly.

Here are few tips you can use to get the most out of Quora community to bring more visitors to your stagnant website.

  • Firstly, start following some relevant topics to your industry. Also, follow people who are influential in your field. Find out what they are posting and keep upvoting their best posts to get noticed by them.
  • You can also use Quora to come up with stunning blog post ideas. I personally use this strategy whenever I find a relevant marketing question with lots of answers, I know I’ve to cover it on my blog if I haven’t written before on my blog. Once I’m done publishing it, I again go back to the original question and Quora, leave thoughtful answers by also linking to my blog article. That way I get more exposure to my content.
  • Provide useful answers to grow your fan base on Quora. Write detailed answers and be specific about what you write. Writing focused, specific and helpful answers can guarantee you wider exposure. Did you know the biggest publication sites like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Slate etc will pick up and publish your answers on their platforms if they find useful? So keep posting helpful answers.

#4. Tweak your posting frequency and content strategy

If your blog’s traffic is stagnant for a while, it might be mainly due to your blog posting frequency. Try posting at different intervals and tweak your posting frequency.

If you are posting once a week, try posting twice a week. Or if you are posting daily, consider updating your blog multiple times a day to see better results.

Make sure NOT to compromise on the quality of the content you post. Either accept guest posts or consider hiring blog writers to increase your posting frequency. Also, keep an eye on your content strategy.

Here are few incredible content writing tips that can help you write the most persuasive content to increase your overall website traffic.

  • Always use short paragraphs. No one likes to read long and boring paragraphs. Write for your target audience.
  • Always use the word YOU. The more often you use “friendly tone” while writing your content the more they will connect with your posts. Personalization is the key to write captivating content.
  • Skip unwanted words. Editing is the key.
  • Writing keyword rich content. Properly optimize your blog posts for both Google and your audience. Don’t stuff your content with keywords. Instead of it, start using relevant keywords to boost your organic traffic.
  • Keep on tweaking your posting frequency until you get massive results. Try posting once a week. Then, twice a week and sometimes daily without compromising the quality of your content. Once you get a clear idea on which posting frequency works better for you can yield you the best results.

#5. Spy on your competition for better results

Did you know the simplest way to get more targeted traffic from search engines?

Spy on your competitors. By knowing and analyzing what works for others in your industry, you can easily be able to create content that creates buzz online.

By knowing the best performing keywords of your competitors, you can increase your own blog’s traffic too. That’s the beauty of competitor research. Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t do this often.

If you are one among them, I highly recommend you to keep an eye on your competition to grow your online reach and exposure. Here are few amazing ways to do competitor research.

  • Use tools like SEMrush, SpyFu, Keyword Eye etc to easily figure out what keywords are sending your competitors majority of the traffic from search engines. By knowing them, you can also start targeting the relevant keywords to create “search engine friendly” content.
  • You can also start using social media to explore your competition. You can easily search for the interests of people who like your competitors social media pages, an
    alyze how many posts they are posting every week, how much engagement they are getting (by looking at their shares, tweets or images).
  • Find and analyze your competitors best posts. Check out their headlines, content, images, links etc. Find out how they many comments they got and focus on repeating the same with your content strategy too.

Final thoughts about increasing your “stagnant” website traffic

Increasing website traffic is a hard task especially if you are new to blogging world.

You should NEVER depend upon one source like Google to bring visitors to your sites. You never know when Google might penalize your sites. So always look for various ways to bring more exposure to your content as well as your blogs.

By using the 5 tips mentioned here, you can certainly get massive exposure to your blogs. So what are your views on the post? Do you have any more tips that can help a website to get more traffic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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